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Surname Abdulhamid - Meaning and Origin

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Abdulhamid: What does the surname Abdulhamid mean?

Abdulhamid is a Muslim last name derived from the Arabic phrase Abd-ul-Hamid meaning ‘servant of the One who is praised’. It is a reference to the Muslim name Allah, and is usually associated with individuals of Islamic faith.

The “Abd” in Abdulhamid means “servant”, which can refer to a religious connection to Allah or a devotion to an individual or cause. The second part of the name “Hamid” means “praise” and is used to denote the infinite mercy and compassion of Allah.

Abdulhamid is a name used throughout the Muslim world, and has a strong history in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also prominent in certain parts of South Asia, such as in Indonesia, where many use the name in various forms.

Throughout history, the surname Abdulhamid has been associated with great leaders, scholars, and religious authorities, such as Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II. He was a powerful and influential statesman and was highly praised for his wise rule.

The name Abdulhamid is a reminder of the importance of humility in the face of the divine, and is used in many Islamic contexts to represent the utmost respect Christians have for Allah. It can also be taken to mean a person’s commitment and dedication to the faith of Islam.

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Abdulhamid: Where does the name Abdulhamid come from?

The last name Abdulhamid is most commonly found today in the Middle East, specifically in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. It is also found in other parts of the Arab world, as well as in Western countries with significant Muslim populations, such as France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The name is derived from the Arabic phrase ʿAbd al-Ḥamīd, meaning ‘servant of the One who is praised’; its reference is to the Islamic deity Allah.

There are some notable people with the last name Abdulhamid, including: Tunku Abdul Rahman (first Prime Minister of Malaysia), Fazullah Abdulhamid (Iraqi author and playwright), and Ahmadiyya Caliph Hakimuddin Abdulhamid II (spiritual leader of the international Muslim community of the Ahmadiyya).

The name has Turkish origins, and can be traced back to Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II who reigned from 1876 to 1909. During his reign, he enacted a number of reforms, such as the initiation of bureaucracy and a new education system.

Today, Abdulhamid is still a popular name in many countries in the Middle East and beyond. It is associated with strength, courage, leadership, and powerful faith, and is taken as evidence of Allah’s favor and guidance.

Variations of the surname Abdulhamid

The spelling of Abdulhamid can vary depending on the speaker's native language and the country they are from.

Some of the main versions of the surname Abdulhamid include:

- Abd al-Hamid

- Abeld-Hamid

- Aleemid

- Abdul Ahmid

- Abd el-Hamid

- Abdelhamid

- Abdulhamid

- Abdul Hamit

- Abdel Hamit

- Abdoul-Hamid

- Abdou-Hameed

Due to migration and language differences, many variations of this surname have developed over time. In Arabic countries, it is generally pronounced as 'Abd al-Hamid'. However, in Turkish it is usually spelled as ' Abdulhamit', while in other countries it may be spelled differently.

In some cases, there have also been variations in the surname itself, such as Abeld-Hamid, Aleemid, and Abdul Ahmid.

In addition, as with many other surnames, Abdulhamid can also have different spellings depending on its context: for example, in East Africa, it is commonly written as 'Abdu-Hameed', and 'Abdou-Hameed' is used in Western Africa.

There are many surnames of the same origin as Abdulhamid, depending on the country and language. For example, in Egypt and Syria it is 'Abdulrahman', 'Abdurahman', 'Abdoulrhman', and 'Abdurmaxan'; while in Iraq and Lebanon it is commonly spelled as 'Abdulrazzaq'. In Afghanistan it can be 'Abdul Raheem' or 'AbdulRahim', and in Palestine it is usually written as 'Abdulhamit'.

Finally, there are many other surnames derived from Abdulhamid, such as Abdallah, Abdulkadir, Abdulaziz, and Abdulmajeed, to name a few.

Famous people with the name Abdulhamid

  • Sultan Abdul Hamid II: He was the 34th and penultimate sultan of the Ottoman Empire, ruling from 1876 to 1909. He is famously remembered for his strong opposition to the Western-friendly reforms of his predecessors and for allegedly initiating the Armenian Genocide.
  • Adam Abdulhamid: He is a Sudanese-born cyclist who won both the 2009 UCI Track Cycling World Cup and 2007 Pan-American Games.
  • Fazilet Dağ: She is a Turkish actress of Bosnian origins. Her father Sultan Abdulhamid was the Ottoman Empire's last Sultan.
  • Fátima Abdulláhí Al-Tilimsání: She is the Yemeni Minister of Information and an international businesswoman.
  • Jawad Abdulhamid Smith: He is a professional rugby player from the United States, competing in US competitions.
  • Zienab Abdel-Hamid: She is an Egyptian professional agent and businesswoman with a long history of successful business dealings.
  • Ercan Abdulhamid: Turkish football player for the Istanbul-based club Beylerbeyi SK.
  • Ayman Abdul Hamid: Yemeni politician and diplomat who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2000.
  • Abdulhamid ibn Ibragim ibn Uthman: Azerbaijani military officer and son of Ibragim Uthman, the last independent Sultan of the Karabakh Khanate.
  • Awan Abdulhamid Aziz: Malaysian-born passionate soccer player who currently plays for the Singapore LionsXII, a professional football club based in Singapore.

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