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Surname Abelen - Meaning and Origin

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Abelen: What does the surname Abelen mean?

The last name Abelen is of German origin and is derived from the term Apel, meaning "apple". In Middle High German, "en" was typically added to names to indicate possession, so the Abelen surname can be interpreted as "one who has apples".

This surname may have been used to identify a family associated with an orchard or Cider House. Alternatively, the word may have been used to refer to a young or inexperienced individual. In Germany during the Middle Ages, apple trees were a symbol of youth and innocence, reflecting the Biblical story in which Eve gives Adam an apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

The Abelen surname is also thought to have originated from the Jewish Albert surname, which translates to “noble” or “illustrious” in Hebrew. This name was first recorded in records picturing a rabbi by the last name Abel, which later became Abelen. This surname was also used in the Netherlands to refer to the same individual or his descendants.

Today, the Abelen surname is quite common throughout German-speaking countries, particularly in western regions such as Czechoslovakia, Poland and Austria. Those who carry the Abelen name may be proud of their ancestral heritage and of the family's apple orchard origins.

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Abelen: Where does the name Abelen come from?

The last name Abelen is thought to be of Dutch origin. It is most commonly found in the Netherlands, where it is the 74th most popular surname according to the Netherlands' National Institute for Statistics. Despite its Dutch heritage, the Abelen surname is also quite common in the United States. The United States Census Bureau has estimated that there are nearly 500 households with this name. It is particularly prevalent in the Midwest, in both rural and urban parts of the country.

In addition to the Netherlands and United States, Abelen is not an uncommon surname in Germany. In fact, it is the 583rd most common surname in the Federal Republic, as reported by the German Federal Office for Statistics. It is found everywhere from Berlin to Bavaria and is actually the most common surname in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a state in northeastern Germany.

Finally, Abelen can even be found in Canada. It is not especially widespread in the country, but there are some families with this surname in both British Columbia and Alberta. Wherever it is found, the name Abelen is a reminder of the international impact of Dutch surnames, and of the intricate and fascinating ways that transmitted identity and familial ties across continents.

Variations of the surname Abelen

The surname Abelen is found across many cultures and it is derived from different languages and given local variations. Originating from Germany, Abelen is sometimes spelled as Abeln, Aebeln, or Apteln. It is a patronymic surname, derived from the given name Abel. Its variants in German include Abelmann, Abelmann, Abeler, and Apelt, while its variants in Dutch include Abell, Abeele, Abbelen, Abbeling, and Abbels.

In the UK, this surname is often found as Affleck or Afflick. This spelling is thought to be derived from Apleby, which is a Northumbrian variant of the original Abelen. In Sweden, this surname is often seen as Aflod or Aflodt. Its earliest recorded reference in Sweden dates back to 1670 when Johan Everage Abel was noted as residing in Helsingland province’s Stfpaholm parish.

The origin of the Abelenburg/Apleton surname is believed to be derived from a Middle English place name, referring to a settlement near the River Apleton, and its variants include Apleton, Aplease, or Apelton. This surname is mostly found in the UK.

In United States, this surname is also known as Ablin, Ablen, Able, Abling and Ableen. The earliest record of a variation of this surname in the US dates back to the mid-17th century, when Matthias Abling was recorded as a landowner in Cheltenham township, Pennsylvania. This surname is quite common in the US today.

The Irish have their own version of this surname, as it is anglicised as Apleby, Abilby, and Abelby. It is also anglicised to Ables in North America.

In summary, the surname Abelen has many variations which include Abeln, Aebeln, Apteln, Abelmann, Abelmann, Abeler Apelt, Abell, Abeele, Abbelen, Abbeling, Abbels, Affleck, Afflick, Aflod, Aflodt, Abelenburg/Apleton, Apleton, Aplease, Apelton, Ablin, Ablen, Able, Abling, Ableen, Apleby, Abilby, Abelby, and Ables.

Famous people with the name Abelen

  • Bastiaan Abelen: a Dutch cyclist who has competed professionally since 2018
  • Chris Abelen: Dutch composer, jazz contrabassist, and educator
  • Habbob Abelen: Dutch politician who served as a member of the House of Representatives for the Green Left party
  • J. Abelen: painter, etcher, and art director from the Netherlands
  • Karel Abelen: Dutch painter, graphic artist, draftsman and art teacher
  • Linda Abelen: Dutch Paralympic athlete specializing in track and field
  • Ludo Abelen: Belgian businessman and former chair of the Royal Belgian Football Association
  • Mark Abelen: Dutch mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division

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