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Unveiling My Celtic Roots: A Personal Journey into Family History through iGENEA DNA Analysis

Family name Abell

My journey with iGENEA for DNA analysis opened up the fascinating story behind my surname, Abell. The results connected my lineage back to the Celts, shedding light on the origins of my family name, and the historic migrations they may have been part of. This experience not only expanded my understanding of my family history but also ignited a deep interest in genealogy and human migration patterns.

Ever since my childhood, I've always been fascinated by the story of where I come from. My surname, Abell, has always been a symbol of a rich and complex history that I was eager to unearth. My path to discovering the story of my family name felt akin to assembling a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces missing. The concept of DNA analysis fascinated me, and I decided to try iGENEA to uncover the missing pieces of my family lineage.

Once signed up with iGENEA, the company dispatched a kit to me for DNA sample collection. The process was simple and involved only a few cheek swabs. I appreciated the thorough instructions they provided and the assurance of anonymity. After sending back my DNA samples, it took a few weeks for the analysis and results.

When I received the results, I felt as if I had opened a treasure box. The Abells, according to the DNA analysis, belonged to a lineage that could be traced back to the Celts, an Iron Age culture from circa 1200 B.C. They were the first European people north of the Alps to emerge from anonymity. The findings shed light on the origin of my surname, suggesting it might be derived from "Apol", a common Celtic name.

Additionally, the results suggested that the Abells had a significant genetic link to the region now known as the United Kingdom. This coincides with the historical documentation of "Abell" appearing in England during the 12th Century. The detailed explanations of my DNA markers and ancestral journey left me in awe. The realization that my ancestors were part of historic migrations and events, shaped by climatic, geographical, and political changes, brought a newfound sense of connection to the past.

Through this experience with iGENEA, I've gained a newfound appreciation for my family name and its history. I could see the value in using DNA analysis to deepen and enrich our understanding of our individual past. It broke down borders of nations, took me beyond recorded history, and connected me to ancient cultures. I've come to see my last name, Abell, as a link to a fascinating web of human history, and it has ignited an even greater interest in genealogy and human migration patterns. The journey I embarked upon with iGENEA was enlightening and boosted a sense of identity, giving me a new perspective on my place in the world.

K. Abell

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