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Surname Aberlein - Meaning and Origin

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Aberlein: What does the surname Aberlein mean?

The last name Aberlein is a German name that is derived from the ancient German word "aber," which means river. It likely originates from the Rhine or Neckar Rivers and may have been used to describe someone who lived near, or took their name from, one of these rivers. It is believed to have been first used during the medieval period, when local lords had control over naming those that lived in the regions that they governed.

The name Aberlein is believed to have been derived from the German word "eber," which means boar. This could also suggest that the name originated from the wild boar that would often be found in the forests near the Rhine and Neckar Rivers.

The earliest records of the Aberlein name date back to 1431, when a Werner Aberlein was recorded in Swabia. Over the years, much of the records of people with the Aberlein surname can be found in Prussia, where many of them settled, as well as in nearby towns and villages surrounding the Rhine and Neckar Rivers.

The last name Aberlein is still commonly used in some areas of Germany today, and is believed to carry the meaning of someone who is strong and fearless, much like a boar. It is also a reminder of the ancient history and traditions of the German people.

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Aberlein: Where does the name Aberlein come from?

The last name Aberlein is common in German-speaking countries, as well as some other parts of Europe. The name is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is also present in states that were once part of the German Empire, such as Alsace-Lorraine in France and part of northern and coastal Italy, including the cities of Genoa and Naples.

Aberlein is a topographic surname derived from the Middle High German ‘abril’, which means ‘small river’ or ‘stream’. The name may have referred to a family that lived near a stream or a river. It could also have referred to someone who lived in a stream bed.

In the United States, Aberlein is a rarer name compared to its popularity in Europe. However, it can be found in Midwestern states, such as Michigan and Ohio, as well in areas settled by German immigrants, like Pennsylvania and Texas.

The name is also found in other parts of the Americas, such as Canada and Brazil. It is often spelled differently, such as Abril, Abreu, or Abrilen, which is the Spanish version of the name.

Overall, Aberlein is a rare last name that has a connection to many different places around the world. Despite its limited popularity, it still has a presence in many parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Aberlein

The surname Aberlein is a localized version of the French-German name "Aubry", which is derived from the old German word "Adalbero", meaning bright or noble. In Germany, the name is sometimes spelled Auberlein, and in France it is often Anglicized to Aubry or Aubree. The English version of the name is often spelled Aubrey or Aubry.

In Germany, there are several variants of the name, often found with regional variations. In some areas of Germany, "Aberlein" is written as "Eberlein" or "Eberling", and in some cases the spelling might change to "Eberlin". There is also a spelling variant of "Eberl" or "Eberl jun.", which is often seen in the southeastern parts of the country.

In France, the surname is sometimes written as "Aubertien", "Aubret", or "Aubertin", and there is also a variant commonly seen in the southern parts of the country written as "Aubier". The English version of the name is also sometimes spelled as "Auber".

In the United States, the most commonly seen spelling of the surname is "Aubry". Variations of the name are sometimes seen as "Aubrey", "Aubrey jun.", "Aubry jun.", or "Abraham".

In other parts of the world, the surname is found in its various forms, such as "Aberra", "Abrille", or "Abreiro". Variants of the surname that are spellings of "Aberlein" can be found in Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal.

Famous people with the name Aberlein

  • Gerald Aberle, U.S. Army Major General who served as Commander of the First Cavalry Division from 1981 to 1983.
  • Adolf Aberle, German ethnologist and author of several books on Germanic mythology and religion.
  • Louis Aberle, American artist most known for his oil paintings and watercolor works depicting rural Pennsylvania.
  • William J. Aberle, American politician and miner who served one term as U.S. Representative for Kansas from 1915 to 1917.
  • August Aberle, German cartographer and author, best known for his collaboration with Martin Krieger on the atlas "Die erdoberflächen des deutschen Reichs ind er vierten Auflage".
  • Harry Aberle, American pilot who took part in the first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1919.
  • Errol Aberle, Canadian aviator and adventurer who was the first person to fly around the world solo in 1925-1926.
  • Ruth Aberle, American archivist and librarian who served as Curator of the Towson University Library from 1963 to 1985.
  • Friedrich Aberle, German composer of classical works and operas, best known for his opera "Fata Morgana", which premiered in Munich in 1923.
  • Joe Aberle, American former football player and coach, who served as the head coach of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes from 1961 to 1967.

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