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Surname Abesamis - Meaning and Origin

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Abesamis: What does the surname Abesamis mean?

The last name Abesamis is of Spanish origin. It is a combination of the Spanish words "abe" and "samis", meaning "father" and "fisherman", respectively. As such, it is believed that individuals with the family name Abesamis likely originated from a long line of fishermen.

Abesamis families have likely been around for centuries, with the name first being recorded as far back as the 12th century in Spain. The name is most commonly found in the provinces of Asturias and Cantabria, though small communities of Abesamis families exist around the world.

The most popular theory regarding the origin of the name suggests that individuals with the family name Abesamis are descended from coastal fishermen who chose the name as an homage to the craft that had provided them with a means of a livelihood for generations.

Today, the Abesamis name continues to be associated with fishermen and those of Spanish heritage. It is commonly found in places such as the United States, Uruguay, Mexico, and the Netherlands. The name serves as a reminder to family members of their ancestors’ hard work and dedication to the profession which provided them with sustenance and security.

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Abesamis: Where does the name Abesamis come from?

The last name Abesamis is an ancient Filipino surname and can be found in various regions throughout the world. It is most common in the Philippines, where it is still used by some families as part of their generational identity. Abesamis is especially common in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Rizal, and Bicol, where it has been an integral part of local culture for centuries.

It is also common in the United States, particularly among Filipino-Americans in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Abesamis has become common among expatriates in other countries, too; including Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

The Abesamis surname belies a long lineage of Filipinos with a proud heritage and warm hospitality. Members of this family can trace their kinship back to the 11th century Taoist temple in Silang, Cavite in the Philippines, originally founded by Jose Abesamis. They have always been known as highly-skilled artisans, architects, musicians, and farmers living off the land for generations.

Today, the legacy and cultural identity of the Abesamis surname can be seen in not only the Philippines, but also in many other countries around the world. Through hard work and determination, they have spread their family name around the globe, and have become a part of global heritage.

Variations of the surname Abesamis

The surname Abesamis is a habitational name derived from a place called Basilan, which is located in the Philippines. The variants of the surname Abesamis include Ahbesamis, Abesams, Abisamis, Abesamus, Abesamiz, and Abesamys.

The spelling of the name Abesamis can also change depending on different dialects. For example, some individuals may spell the name Abesames, Abesamice, Abbesamis, or Abezamis.

In addition, some lines of descent may have alternate surnames that are derived from Abesamis. Common surnames associated with Abesamis include Abis, Abisai, Abisalom, Abison, Abizai, and Bissam.

In some cases, the name Abesamis may appear to be a variant of the name Abesem due to phonetic spellings. Abesem is also derived from a location in the Philippines and is a common variant of the surname Abesamis.

Famous people with the name Abesamis

  • Kai Abesamis: Filipino actor and model, starring in the TV series Bagong Umaga and Bagong Natok.
  • Peter Abesamis: Filipino artist, designer, and stage and costume designer for theater production.
  • Jordan Abesamis: Filipino model and musician, appearing in various international lingerie and clothing brands.
  • Alexandra Abesamis: Filipino-American lifestyle and fashion blogger, featured in the Philippine fashion magazine Meg.
  • Isaiah Abesamis: Filipino-American basketball player for the Ateneo de Manila University.
  • Mark Abesamis: Filipino-American professional skateboarder and creator of Lastminute Apparel brand.
  • Nicole Abesamis: Filipino-American costume designer and illustrator, designing wardrobe on TV Productions and films.
  • Annabelle Abesamis: Filipino-Australian actress, dancer and model, appearing in various commercial and theater productions.
  • Jay Diestro Abesamis: Famous Filipino actor, Myanmar film critic, and media personality.
  • Aziza Abesamis: Filipino athlete, competing in several track and field events.

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