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Surname Abke - Meaning and Origin

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Abke: What does the surname Abke mean?

The last name Abke is of German origin and means "son of Abe." In the Germany of the Middle Ages, when surnames originated, Abe was a popular personal name that meant “Beginning” or “Original”, so the Abke name became an occupational surname common to those who were connected to Abe or Abe's descendants, either as a servant or other related occupation. It was eventually adopted as a surname, and passed down through the generations.

Historically, the name Abke has been associated with numerous individuals from Germany. For example, the famous writer and author Martin Abke was born in Hanover in 1756, and was a prominent figure in the romanticist movement of the period. Similarly, in the 19th century, Johann Abke became a noted German historian, while Gustav Abke was a talented artist in early 20th-century Munich.

Today, the name Abke remains popular in Germany. It occurs most frequently in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hamburg. It continues to represent a strong German heritage of hard work, creativity and ambition. It is perhaps most associated withgerman loyalty and a sense of honour and pride in one's family.

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Abke: Where does the name Abke come from?

The last name Abke is most commonly found in Germany today. Since the Middle Ages, it has been an established surname in the region. According to the 1998 German Genealogy Guide, the name is found in abundance in the northeastern regions of Germany (Deutschland) in cities such as Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg.

Generally speaking, the name is distributed fairly evenly in the aforementioned cities and the surrounding areas. According to a study conducted by the German National Library of Information and Technology (DFN) in 2006, most Abkes are commonly found in Hesse, Schlesisig-Holstein, and Baden-Wurttemburg.

Furthermore, the Abke name also appears in various other countries, such as in the United States, Canada, and Netherlands. According to the 2018 USA Census, there are approximately 361 people with the last name Abke scattered across the country. Similarly, the 2018 Canadian Census also shows that the name is present in the country with more than 1,000 Abke's living there.

Overall, the Abke surname is most predominant in Germany, but it is also found in various other countries around the world. In any case, it is clear that the last name Abke is very common today and had risen over the centuries from its humble beginnings in Germany.

Variations of the surname Abke

The surname Abke has three main variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin: Abke, Ubkah, and Abeke.

The surname Abke is believed to be of German origin and may be derived from the Old German name Apke, or Apka. It could also be derived from a Swedish name, Aabke. One source lists it as having a Slavic origin, although this is difficult to substantiate.

The variant Ubkah is derived from the Old German name Ubke and is a variation on the original spelling. It may also be derived from the Old Norse name Ubbe.

The variant Abeke is possibly a phonetic variation of Abke or Ubkah, but it is difficult to determine the exact origin of this spelling. It is also possible that Abeke is derived from a form of Apke,Aubke, or Aabke that was pronounced with a softer vowel sound.

Both Ubkah and Abeke may have also been created by the mispronunciation of the original surname. Therefore, it is likely that with the three variants Abke, Ubkah, and Abeke come a number of other spellings and surnames stemming from the same origin. Some of these could include Apke, Ubbe, Aubke, and Aabke, as well as other slight variations on the surname.

Famous people with the name Abke

  • Luke Abke: American football offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL).
  • Tom Abke: former American football defensive tackle in the United States Football League (USFL).
  • Carl Abke: American former soccer player.
  • Shane Abke: former football player who was an All-American at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Molly Abke: volleyball player from American who competed at the 2017 FIVB U20 Women's World Championship.
  • Joe Abke: former Major League Baseball pitcher in the 1880s.
  • Stefan Abke: former high jumper from Germany.
  • Robert Abke: German athlete who specialized in the 800 meters.
  • Melissa Abke: American professional soccer player who played in the Women's Professional Soccer league.
  • Samuel Abke: German footballer who plays as a defender for Greuther Fürth in the 2. Bundesliga.

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