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Surname Ablaß - Meaning and Origin

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Ablaß: What does the surname Ablaß mean?

The last name Ablaß is a German surname derived from the Middle High German word “ablaz”, which means “release” or “redemption”. This suggests that the name may have been given to someone who was involved in the business of selling or otherwise granting indulgences or permission to do something that had previously been forbidden. It may also have been given to an individual who was involved in the negotiation of redemption or freedom after a crime had been committed.

In some cases, the roots of the name are believed to even go back further to the Old High German word “ablat”, which means “atonement” or “release from guilt”. This would indicate that the name was likely given to someone who was a leader or facilitator of religious negotiations or redemption.

The name Ablaß is rare today, even in Germany. However, it appears that at one time, there were several families with the Ablaß name living throughout the country. Because of the religious connotations of the name, it is likely that the Ablaß family was deeply religious, or involved in the Catholic Church in some way.

It is possible that today, the Ablaß family is scattered across Germany and abroad. While the name is not widely used, those who bear the Ablaß name today may have a unique heritage tracing back to religious negotiations and redemption.

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Ablaß: Where does the name Ablaß come from?

The last name Ablaß is most commonly found in Germany today, particularly in the traditional regions of Westphalia and the Rhineland. It is also found scattered throughout other parts of Europe including Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Ablaß family members are believed to have originated from the lower Rhine region and mainly inhabited the former Duchy of Westphalia.

The Ablaß name is relatively rare in today's population. Most family name historians believe it was primarily a regional or local name, usually associated with persons who migrated from one area to another and adopted the name of their new home. The surname has likely branched out over the centuries as families from these regions moved to other lands in search of a better life or to escape religious persecution in their homeland.

The Ablaß name has been a part of the history of Europe for centuries. It is a testament to the strength of the family lines, which have been unbroken over time. Most Ablaß family members today can trace their ancestry back to the ancient tribes who populated much of Central and Western Europe before the arrival of the Roman Empire.

Variations of the surname Ablaß

The surname Ablaß is a variant of the German surname ablasse, meaning “release” or “let go”. It has several variants and spellings, including: Ablass, Aplasse, Ablasse, Abelas, Apllasse, Apples, Appeles, Applez, Apels, Apuls, Apulsen, Adlasse, Aples, Ables, and Alasse. It is also an alternative spelling to the Germanic-origin surname Apfel, meaning “apple”, and Tablase, derived from the German board game “Tabla”.

The surname is most commonly found in Germany, but variations of it are common in other parts of Europe and elsewhere. In France, the surnames Appeles and Apfel are common variants. In England, Applez and Apples are found as variations of the Ablaß name.

In the United States, variant spellings of Ablaß include Ablassen, Abelas, Apples, Ables, Apels, Apulsen, Apllasse, Adlasse, and Alasse. Immigrants to the United States who bore this surname may have originated from Austria, Germany or certain Scandinavian countries.

Surnames associated with this name include Apfel, Appeles, Applez, Abelas, Apples, Apels, Apuls, Apllasse, Adlasse, Alasse, Tablase, and Dassel.

Famous people with the name Ablaß

  • Hajo Abläß: German entrepreneur and founder of Bertelsmann AG
  • Hans Abläß: German professor of medicine and professor at University of Bonn
  • Angelika Abläß: former German Minister of Education and Science
  • Peter Abläß: German radio and television presenter
  • August Abläß: German cyclist and multiple Paralympic medalist
  • Ulla Abläß: German author and illustrator
  • Maria Abläß: German singer and actress
  • Katharina Abläß: German footballer
  • Gerd Abläß: German author and journalist
  • Johannes Abläß: German politics advisor and member of CDU
  • Annette Abläß: German author and professor of art and design
  • Herbert Abläß: German politician and member of SPD
  • Michael Abläß: Austrian footballer
  • Christian Abläß: German entrepreneur and founder of Neurovation AG
  • Roland Abläß: German composer and conductor
  • Gerold Abläß: German director, cinematographer and camera operator

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