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Surname Ablassmaier - Meaning and Origin

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Ablassmaier: What does the surname Ablassmaier mean?

The last name Ablassmaier is a German surname. The literal translation of the name is "one who sets one free," and it likely derives from a combination of two words: "ab" a German verb meaning "off" or "away," and "lassen" another German verb meaning "to let" or "to allow." Traditionally, the name was used to refer to a man who set a person or a group of people free from servitude or indentured labor. The name could also refer to those who act as intermediaries between two parties, often negotiating a settlement.

The surname spread to numerous countries, including the United States and Canada, as people seeking a better life as immigrants. In the US and Canada, the name is most often used in its original form, but there may be various variations in spelling.

In modern culture, the name still carries the same meaning as it did in its origin. It is a reminder that freedom is a basic human right, and often denotes someone who is strong, wise and resilient. It also can suggest someone of great integrity and fairness.

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Ablassmaier: Where does the name Ablassmaier come from?

The last name Ablassmaier is a German surname that originated in the middle of the 14th century and is derived from the Middle High German phrase "abloß maere", which translates loosely as "one who gives absolution". This surname was commonly found in the Bavarian region of Germany and is found especially in the Landkreise (districts) of Weilheim-Schongau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mühldorf, and Rosenheim. Today, the Ablassmaier name is still most commonly found in this region of Germany but is also found scattered throughout other parts of Europe - mainly in Austria and Switzerland. The name is also found in some parts of the United States, especially in areas with large German-American populations such as Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Furthermore, due to many German immigrants from the 19th and early 20th century, the Ablassmaier name can also be found in Latin America where there are large German-speaking populations such as in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

Variations of the surname Ablassmaier

Ablassmaier is a German surname that is found throughout the world today. The spelling of this surname varies depending on the region and time period in which it was used.

Variants of Ablassmaier include Ablassmeier, Ablassmeyer, Ablessmaier, Ablessmeier, Ablessmeyer, Ablößmaier, Ablößmeier, Ablossmaier, Ablossmeier, Ablosmaier and Ablosmeyer.

The majority of these variants appear to have derived from the Middle High German name Abelossmaier, which dates back to at least 1200. The components of the name are made up of the personal name Aberle, which is derived from the German word for ‘humble’, and the term Maier, which is a title indicating a status as an influential, industrialist figure.

Spellings of Ablassmaier mentioned by the research include Apletsmaier, Apletsmaier, Abletsteiner, Apletsteiner and Apeltsteiner, which are likely variations of the name that have evolved over time.

Surnames derived from Ablassmaier include, but are not limited to, Augustmaier, Eisenmaier, Jürgensmaier, Kriegmaier, Michelmaier, and Schobermaier. These surnames are found in regions like Austria, Bavaria, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe.

As more and more people move from their home regions across the world, the number of Ablassmaier variants, spellings, and surnames continues to grow.

Famous people with the name Ablassmaier

  • Max Ablassmaier: German YouTube star and actor
  • Emma Ablassmaier: German water polo player
  • Niko Ablassmaier: German footballer
  • Maximilian Ablassmaier: Retired professional skiing competitor
  • Wolfgang Ablassmaier: Retired German professional cyclist
  • Christoph Ablassmaier: German football referee
  • Ina Ablassmaier: German athlete, world class long jump competitor
  • Heinrich Ablassmaier: Member of the German Football Association
  • Florian Ablassmaier: German professional handball player
  • Matthias Ablassmaier: Former member of the German Football Association

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