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Surname Ablassmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Ablassmeier: What does the surname Ablassmeier mean?

The surname Ablassmeier is German in origin and derived from the Middle High German words 'Ablass' and 'Meier', meaning 'penitent farmer'. It likely referred to a person who was a tenant farmer on a large estate during the Middle Ages, likely in Germany or Austria. The Ablassmeier family was likely an established and respected agricultural family that worked for a lord or nobleman as tenants, tilling the soil to produce agricultural produce for their local community.

The surname Ablassmeier would have been used in many areas during the Middle Ages, though it was most prominently used in the area of southern Germany and Austria. The family would probably have already been quite prosperous by the early modern period, having served their lords faithfully for generations and likely being granted freedom from service or more advantageous leases for their service.

Today, Ablassmeier is still used as surname in many places. It is found primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and various eastern parts of Europe, and may still be used as a mark of respect for the family's long-standing agricultural servitude. Persons with this name can take pride in their familial roots, and positive historical associations that come with it.

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Ablassmeier: Where does the name Ablassmeier come from?

The last name Ablassmeier is a German name and is most commonly found in regions that have either significant German heritage or a presence of German immigrants. As a result, it is most prevalent in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavian countries. It is also found in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. In the United States, it is primarily found in states with a large population of German-American immigrants, such as Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Ablassmeier is also present in some other countries, including Canada, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia.

In German-speaking countries, the family name Ablassmeier is thought to have originated from two words: “ab” meaning “off” or “away”, and “lass”, meaning “let”. These words combined could be taken to mean “letting go”, implying that the original bearers of the name were people who would let go or part with things with ease.

Aside from German-speaking countries, the name is also still relatively common in some Latin American countries and United States. This suggests that there has been a consistent presence of German immigrants in these regions, keeping the name alive over time. Despite its geographical spread, it is still the same last name, and a certain degree of similarity between each name-bearer can be expected, such as cultural ideals or family background.

Variations of the surname Ablassmeier

The surname Ablassmeier is recorded in various forms, including Ablass, Ablas, Ablasser, Āblas, Ablesi, Ablasser, Ablalli, Ablesius, Ableser, Ablesser, and Ablasis. The origin of the name is German, originating from Middle High German terms “ablassen” and “maier” which roughly translate to “relief” and “farmer” respectively. Therefore, it may be considered an occupational surname.

Variant spellings or surnames of similar origin include Ablassen, Ablasser, Ablass, Ableisen, Aeblis, Aeblismann, ablasser, Abeiser, Ebelhöfer, Aebli and Eppenschmitt. In the Czech Republic, it may be spelled Ablacar or Ablachar. It can also be connected to the Flemish surname Edelman, based around the element ‘adel’, meaning noble.

The name may also be linked to a place or origin, derived from the German ablasse, meaning around the abbey or, alternatively, from the German ablasse, meaning around the elm tree.

In some cases, the name may even be derived from an old German name, Ablaz (derived from the Latin phrase ‘apostolus’, meaning apostle) or Ablius (from a shortening of the Latin phrase ‘apostolus’ meaning apostle). In other cases, it may also have been used to indicate a person from ‘Ablen’, a town in modern day Germany.

Variants of the surname, thus, are varied, including both those of similar origin and those derived from places and nicknames. As such, researching the surname is made all the more important, to gain insight into its true origin.

Famous people with the name Ablassmeier

  • Henning Ablassmeier: German lawyer and former Member of the European Parliament who served from 1994 until 1999.
  • Willi Ablassmeier: German sprint kayaker who won a bronze medal at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in 1975.
  • Dominik Ablassmeier: German footballer who currently plays as a defender for SV Horn in the Austrian Football Second League.
  • Dirk Ablassmeier: German former professional footballer who made over 100 appearances for Bundesliga side TSV 1860 Munich.
  • Yannick Ablassmeier: German squash player who won multiple junior titles at international events.
  • Sarah Ablassmeier Kraus: German footballer who currently plays as a defender for SV Siegen.
  • Helmut Ablassmeier: German professor of physiology and former president of the German Society of Physiologists.
  • Sabine Ablassmeier: German painter and graphic artist who works in the areas of concept art, installations, mixed media, comics and graphic novels.
  • Katrin Ablassmeier: German sport photographer who specializes in cycling and snowboarding.
  • Reinold Ablassmeier: German Lutheran theologian and former president of the EKD Council.

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