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Surname Ables - Meaning and Origin

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Ables: What does the surname Ables mean?

The surname Ables is believed to have originated from a personal name, Abel, which is from the Hebrew name Hebel or Havel. This name means "breath", symbolizing "the son who lives and breathes". The name was popularized through the biblical character Abel, a son of Adam and Eve. This name became widely used during the Middle Ages, leading to the formation of patronyms, where surnames originate from the father's given name. The suffix "s" in Ables represents "son of" or "descendant of", therefore, Ables means "son of Abel" or "descendant of Abel". It is also possible that in some cases this surname, could be a habitational name derived from Abel a town in France. As a surname, Ables can be found in various spellings such as Able, Abele, Abelle, Ableson and others. The distribution of the surname suggests it’s most common in the United States, with additional presence in England, Canada, and Germany.

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Ables: Where does the name Ables come from?

The surname Ables is believed to be of English and German origin and could also be a variant of the biblical name Abel. In English tradition, it may have initially been a derivative of the Old English personal name Eadbeald, composed of the elements "ead" meaning prosperity or fortune and "beald" meaning bold or brave. The surname could have been borne by descendents of an individual bearing this personal name.

In Germany, the surname Ables could be derived from the Gaelic “O’Baoighill,” which means "unprofitable" or "futile." It could also have occupational origins, specifically linked to a herdsman or shepherd, based on the Biblical figure Abel, who was a shepherd.

Presently, the surname Ables is most prevalent in the United States, specifically in the Southern states like Texas. It is also common in England, Australia, and Canada. However, its frequency is not high, making it a relatively unique surname. Please note that surname distribution and origin can vary and the information provided is a general overview.

Variations of the surname Ables

The surname Ables may have several variations and it is believed to have originated from the ancient personal name Abel, which is of Hebrew origins. Some of the common variations of the surname Ables include Abel, Abell, Able, Abels, Abelle, and Ebel.

These surnames could also be linked as they are derived from the same first name Abel, and have just evolved differently in spelling over centuries or due to geographic region, language, and cultural differences.

A few other possible surnames that may share the same origin, but with a change in spelling or additional suffixes include Abelson, Abelseth, Abelsson, Abelsten, and Abelstedt.

The surname could also have been sometimes confused with or transformed into other surnames with similar pronunciation like Apel, Appel, Aabel, Abele, or Abl.

Please note that spelling variations might be more common due to factors such as transliteration into different languages and changes over time. Therefore it is always important to consider all possible variations when researching family histories and genealogies.

Famous people with the name Ables

  • Jason Ables: He is a well-known American baseball coach who is currently serving as the pitching coach for the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League.
  • Layla Ables: She is a celebrity child, the daughter of popular American actress and model, Mercedeh Allen. Layla has had a few appearances on small screen due to her mother's profession.
  • Steve Ables: A retired American politician who has served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from the 71st District from 2003 to 2015.
  • Sharon Ables: A music artist known for her work in the Christian/Gospel genre.
  • Gary Ables: An actor known for his contributions in the entertainment industry with roles in films like "I hope you die" and "Gun Town". The surname Ables is not overly common in the hall of fame, particularly in the entertainment industry. Most of the Ables are either related to sports or are holding a government job.

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