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Surname Ablola - Meaning and Origin

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Ablola: What does the surname Ablola mean?

The last name Ablola is of West African origin, stemming from Yoruba cultures in Nigeria. It is believed to be derived from the Yoruba - Abló-ala which translates to “the king has arrived” or “the king has come.”

Ablola is a very popular surname in Nigeria, especially in the southwestern area where many Yoruba people have settled. It is likely that the Ablola family originates from this area.

Ablola is often associated with ambition, power, and success. The meaning behind the surname reflects these values, as it conveys the idea of a hard-working, driven, and influential leader. Ablola families are very proud of their surname and the values they represent.

Ablola is also a unisex name and can be both male and female. It is used as both a first and last name, and is often incorporated into words in order to create more meaningful names. Ablola families often use the name to create meaningful middle names, either in combination with other words or on its own.

The name Ablola is a reminder of determination, leadership, and pride. Ablola families take pride in their name and the values associated with it, and it is one of the most popular surnames in Nigeria. It is a reminder of a history of strong leadership and an indication of the success that continues to be gained by Ablola families.

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Ablola: Where does the name Ablola come from?

The last name Ablola is a common surname throughout the African continent, with much of its prevalence in West Africa. It is thought to have originated in Nigeria and is particularly popular amongst the Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa ethnic groups living in the nation. However, its use is not limited to Nigeria and can also be found among families living in countries such as Benin, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone.

Outside of the continent, Ablola is still a fairly common surname among African diaspora populations. It is found in Europe, the Americas, and countries around the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. However, its prevalence varies greatly from region to region. For instance, it’s much more common in the United Kingdom, with significant numbers of families living in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. In the United States, Ablola is mostly found in major urban areas such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.

Overall, Ablola is a widely used last name in many different countries, from traditional African locales to far-reaching diaspora populations. It has established itself as a popular choice among many ethnic groups who have adopted it and given it a unique cultural significance.

Variations of the surname Ablola

The surname Ablola has many variants, spellings, and surnames from the same origin. These variants include Aballa, Abloli, Ablo, Abella, Oblola, Abrama, Abroma, Ablona, Ableno, Abhuno, Abroni, Abrony, Abroma, Abromo, Avlola, Abola, Abharol, Abarola, Abarolo, Ablunn, Ablunna, Abloni, Abhorna, Ab lunna, Abarola, Abolana, Abborol, and Abbarna.

The origin of the surname Ablola is traced to the Latin word “ablum,” meaning metal in Latin, likely referring to a person who made or worked with metals or other materials. Over time, this name became more widespread with the help of the Latin and Greek cultures. The name Ablola evolved into different variants and spellings as it was adopted by other languages throughout the world.

The different variants and spellings of the surname Ablola are found in many countries across Europe, including Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, and Romania. They are also found in Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico, Columbia, and Peru. The surname is also found in the United States, and the United Kingdom, where the name Ablola is most common.

The different spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Ablola are evidence of how the name developed, evolved, and spread to different countries and people. Variations of the same origin demonstrate the resilience of the name and how it has transcended national and cultural boundaries over time.

Famous people with the name Ablola

  • Princess Adijat Abiola: Born in Nigeria, Adijat is a Nigerian lawyer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman.
  • Fatai Abiola: A Nigerian, Fatai is a retired footballer who was part of the famous Nigeria under-23 football team that won the gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
  • Papa Ajao Abiola: Known as the Chairman of the Ojomu traditional arrangement of the Egba people, Papa Ajao is an Osun State-based traditional ruler who also served as a Federal Senator in the 4th Republic.
  • Ayo Abiola: A Nigerian entrepreneur and co-founder of, an online logistics platform for logistics in Nigeria.
  • Alhaji Uthman Abiola: The former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the abolade-Kazeem in Nigeria, Alhaji Uthman is a prince of the Ijebu Emperor and associated to the Kazeem family.
  • Tayo Ablola: A Yoruba musician, Tayo is a rapper, songwriter, and producer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Olalekan Ablola: An entrepreneur and CEO of Clockworks Ventures, an integrated digital enterprise that specializes in web development and technology services, Olalekan has been in the business for over 20 years.
  • Bamse Best Abiola: A Nigerian media entrepreneur and the founder of the Bamse Best of African Fashion Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a global platform for African fashion.
  • Olabogun Abiola: Olabogun is a Nigerian business mogul, philanthropist, and the founder of BGX Capital Group, a private equity firm, and awareness & advocacy organization.
  • Adeniyi Abiola: A Yoruba language instructor and Vice President of the Egba Kingdom Development Foundation, Adeniyi Abiola was named as one of the leading global voices on the platform in 2020.

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