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Surname Abmayr - Meaning and Origin

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Abmayr: What does the surname Abmayr mean?

The last name Abmayr is German in origin and is derived from the expression "Abmach" which translates to "agreement" or "arrangement" in English. It has likely been in use since at least the 12th century and is still in use in parts of Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States today.

The most common spelling of the name is Abmayr, with other variants including Abmaier, Ebmeier, and Abmer. This name originates from the Middle High German words abu and māre, which combined mean "around the boundary". As such, the name likely referred to someone who lived near the boundaries or borders of a particular area.

In modern times, people that carry the Abmayr surname may find themselves placing an emphasis on having agreements prior to engaging in a particular activity or project. This may be seen in their business dealings, personal relationships, or other personal endeavors.

The Abmayr surname has a unique and enduring history and is still in use in parts of Europe and the United States. It is likely an appropriate name for those who place a premium on agreeing prior to engaging in an endeavor.

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Abmayr: Where does the name Abmayr come from?

The last name Abmayr is most common in Germany today, where it can be primarily found in the Bavarian and Franconian regions. It is believed to have been a common name among German immigrants to North America in the mid to late 19th century, where it can still be found in the United States today. Though the spelling has changed slightly to Abermeyer in some locations, this is believed to be the same surname.

The Abmayr name may have originated in Bavaria, where records show it dates back at least to the late 1600s. Today, it is distributed across the region, including in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. In the nearby borders of Switzerland, the last name is also present among families with German origin.

In terms of present-day numbers, Abmayr is not usually listed among the top names in Germany. However, it is estimated that it is still in circulation amongst a few thousand people in the country today. In the United States, the last name is comparatively more rare, and appears to have been especially successful in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Variations of the surname Abmayr

The surname Abmayr is spelled variously in records as Ebmair, Ebmeyer, Ebmer, Ebermayer and Apmeyer. It is essentially a German and Swiss German name that evolved out of the personal name Eberhard. The name originates from the bird species Eberhard, or "eagle", a name given to strong, brave men.

Ebmair or Ebmayer is the most common spelling, though other variations are also found. In its original forms, the name was common in Bavaria, Swabia, Austria and the Czech Republic. In the United States, the name typically appears as Abmayer, Apmeyer, Ebermayer, Ebmair and Ebmayer.

The surname now appears in multiple variants all over the world. In England and Wales, Apmeyer, Ebmair and Ebermayer are the most commonly found variants. Other spellings include Ameyer, Emmayer,Emberger, Ammer, Emmer, and Emmerich.

Variants of the surname in France include Apery, Etamayr and Eperayr. In Spain, the variants have been recorded as Jepmer and Lepmaire.

In Australia, immigrants from Germany to Australia often named their babies Apmayr, Apmaier, Apmer, Ebermayer or Emmery.

The variations of the surname Abmayr can also be found in other countries, particularly North America, as Ebmayr, Emayr, Eperayr, Epmair, Epmeyer and Epson.

Famous people with the name Abmayr

  • Paul Abmayr: An Australian born composer, guitarist and vocalist, who has received numerous awards for his contribution to the music industry, including an ARIA Hall of Fame Induction.
  • Matthias Abmayr: A German film and TV actor, who has been featured in shows such as “Bitterschokolade” and “Weissensee”.
  • Michael “Mike” Abmayr: German cross country ski world champion in 1998, and Olympic silver medallist in 2002.
  • Thorsten Abmayr: A former German football player, who made his professional debut in 1991 at age 16, and achieved 218 career appearances.
  • Ludwig Abmayr: An architect and professor from Augsburg, Germany, who was a pioneering figure in the field of historic preservation.
  • Karl Abmayr: A brewery owner from Southern Bavaria, who is credited with introducing improved brewing techniques and modernising the beer industry in the early 1800s.
  • Florian Abmayr: German physical scientist, who specialised in material characterisation and X-ray imaging.
  • Jill Abmayr: An American born artist, who has exhibited her work in galleries around the world, and is best known for her large-scale paintings of landscapes.
  • Martin Abmayr: A co-founder of the Centre for European Integration and Education, a think-tank focused on the politics of European integration.
  • Hans Abmayr: German actor and author, best known for his award-winning debut novel "The Three Emperors" and his work on the TV show “Vier gegen die Bank”.

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