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Surname Abmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Abmeier: What does the surname Abmeier mean?

The last name Abmeier is of German origin and is believed to be derived from the Old German words "Abuhme" and "Meier", meaning "farmer" or "steward of the land". Abmeier is found mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The surname Abmeier was first recorded in Austria when Melchior Abermeer appeared in Augsburg, 1490.

Different variations of this surname include Abeimer, Abemair, Abeimer, Abmair, Abmaer, and Abmier. The name Abmeier was likely a hereditary title indicating a blood relation to wealthy officials or a leading family. In some cases, the title was acquired through a lease or a loan of land.

Throughout the years the Abmeier family name has been associated with many cultured and esteemed individuals. Jan Abmeier, a Dutch sculptor, Heinrich Abmeier, a mayor during a prominent reformation period, and Leonhard Abmeier, an Austrian politician are among the more renowned descendants with the name.

The Abmeier family name has firmly settled in many countries, but still has a strong presence in the German speaking countries. To this day, it is a prominent name in future generations around the world.

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Abmeier: Where does the name Abmeier come from?

The last name Abmeier is most prevalent in the German-speaking regions of Europe, primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, the name Abmeier is most often found in regions including Bavaria, Baden Wurttemberg, and Saxony. However, the last name also appears throughout other parts of Europe such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and western Russia.

More recently, Abmeier and its variations have been found in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is believed that individuals with this surname likely originate from Germany because of the frequency of its use in the language. In the United States, the name is most prevalent in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Today, Abmeier is most likely a patronymic surname, taken from the given name of one's ancestors. It can also be Anglicized depending on the culture in which it is found, taking on different spellings and pronunciations over time. However, many still carry the original spelling and pronunciation of Abmeier.

Variations of the surname Abmeier

The surname Abmeier is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German words 'abmarer' or 'abamarer', which meant dweller of a boundary. Variants of Abmeier include Abmaier, Abmeyer, Abamayr, Aphmyer, Appmeir, and Eppmayer. Spellings of Abmeier can also include Apmeier, Abmeir, Abmeir, Abmeier, Ebmeier, Appmeier, and Epmeier.

Surnames of the same origin as Abmeier include Bammeser, Bachmair, Baermayer, Bauermair, Bauerman, Benmaier, Benzmayer, Boehmier, Birthmeier, Emmerich, Gemmerich, Goetschmier, Grohsmann, Hallmeier, Henmayer, Heymer, Hummerich, Kippmaier, Kochmaier, Kornmeier, Lammert, Lauermayer, Lamter, Maier, Mannmeyer, Mayland, Obermeyer, Oppmaier, Pehlmeier, Poppmeier, Rehmauer, Reimann, Spehmayer, Sprunger, Stahmsmeir, Strackmaier, Uhlmeir, and Wemmer.

The Abmeier surname is also seen in many other cultures. In Finland, it is known as Abmaier, while in Hungary it is Abmayer or Abmayr. In Portugal, it is spelled Abmeier or Abmayers. In the Netherlands, Abmeyers. In Switzerland, it is spelled Abmier. In Spain, the surname is known as Abramayor or Abramayar. In Russia, the surname is Apmejer or Appmeyery. In Ukraine, it is Abgemayer, and in Denmark, Appmejer or Appmejer.

Famous people with the name Abmeier

  • Alistair Abmeier: World-renowned British ballet dancer
  • Reinhard Abmeier: Austrian Actor
  • Victoria Abmeier: German Actress
  • Rana Abmeier: Canadian Actress
  • Hans Abmeier: Swiss Photographer
  • L. Abmeier: Canadian Writer
  • John Abmeier: American Musician
  • Holger Abmeier: German Painter
  • David Abmeier: American Film Producer
  • Daniel Abmeier: Austrian-born American Emmy award-winning Editor

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