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Surname Abmeyer - Meaning and Origin

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Abmeyer: What does the surname Abmeyer mean?

The last name Abmeyer originates from Germany and may be of noble origin. It has various theories as to its etymology from the Middle High German words meaning "upper meadow" to the Latin word ‘abbas’ (‘abbot’ or ‘priest’). Abmeyer may also be derived from an old personal name such as Ambrosius or Amalrich; the prefix ‘ab’ is similar to the Old English ‘of the’ or ‘belonging to’. This surname was also found in medieval court records, which suggest that there were high-ranking members of society with the name Abmeyer. The surname Abmeyer is now found mainly in Germany, and to a lesser extent in Switzerland and The Netherlands. Those with the surname are often spelled Aumayr, Abmajer, Ambayr, Abmeijer, Ammayer, Ammaier and Ambaehr.

Abmeyer is not a particularly common last name, although it has been found in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and even the United States. This suggests that those with the name Abmeyer have a close connection and possibly share an ancestral lineage. The Abmeyers of today are most likely related to ancestors who moved to Germany from other countries, which could explain why the name is found in other countries. Those with the last name Abmeyer are proudly connected to their German heritage and often find comfort and unity in discovering their shared roots.

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Abmeyer: Where does the name Abmeyer come from?

The last name Abmeyer can be found in many countries around the world today. The highest concentrations of this surname can be found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, due to its popularity and uniqueness, the name can be found throughout Europe, the United States, South America, and other parts of the world.

In Germany, Abmeyer is a common surname originating from the northern part of the country. This name is mostly associated with Lower Saxony, where many people of this name originated from centuries ago. Examples of this are Einhausen, Bedburg, and Boltenhagen.

In Austria, Abmeyer is a fairly common surname throughout the country. It is most often associated with Vienna and other smaller towns in the region. The most likely source for this surname is the traditional German-Austrian surname Aminger.

In the United States, Abmeyer is most concentrated in New York and is also sporadically found in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. This surname is most likely source from the 19th century waves of immigrants who came to the US from German-speaking countries like Germany and Austria.

Other parts of the world like Canada, Brazil, France, India, and other countries can also boast a scattered population of individuals with the last name Abmeyer. This international presence of the name today is proof of the spread and disruption this surname has seen over the past few centuries.

Variations of the surname Abmeyer

Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Abmeyer include: Abmeier, Abmaier, Abmayer, Abmajer, Abmaijer, Abmeijer, Abmeije, Abmayer, Abmaeijer, Abmey, Abmeyrer, Abmeyr, Abmeer, Abeimer, Abejma, Abejmer, Abejmayer, Abejmajer, Abejmaijer, Abejmeijer, Abejmeyer.

The surname Abmeyer traces its origin back several centuries to an area of Germany known as the Rhineland. It is thought to be derived from the Old German name ‘Abbo’ or ‘Abboem’, which were names used for men who were leaders or elders in the community. It could also have its roots in the old German word ‘meijer’ which translates to ‘mayor’ or ‘village chief’. It is thought that the original surname was Abboemeyer meaning ‘abbot-mayor’. This could have eventually evolved to the current form of Abmeyer. During the 19th century, the Abmeyer surname became more widespread in Europe, with families moving to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other countries, leading to variations of the name in those countries.

Variations of the name were also the result of varying regional pronunciation. In northern Germany, the name could sound more like ‘Abmey’ or ‘Abmae’. In the Netherlands, the name is often pronounced as ‘Abmeijer’ or ‘Abejma’. In France, the surname is pronounced as ‘Abmayer’. In Belgium, the name is often pronounced as ‘Abmajer’ or ‘Abejmer’. All of these various spellings and pronunciations can be attributed to the Abmeyer surname.

Famous people with the name Abmeyer

  • Roman Abmeyer, German ultimate frisbee player
  • Courtney Abmeyer, American actor
  • Bill Abmeyer, American actor
  • Giulia Abmeyer, German soccer player
  • Olga Abmeyer, German artist
  • Brandon Abmeyer, American actor
  • Jake Abmeyer, American musician
  • Mary Abmeyer, American lawyer
  • Erika Abmeyer, German goalkeeper
  • Paul Abmeyer, American cartoonist

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