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Tracing the Abraham Lineage: An Enthralling Odyssey with the iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Abraham

This review uncovers the journey of an individual who delves into the history and genealogy of the Abraham surname through the iGENEA DNA test. The piece details the enriching and gratifying experiences that come with genetic testing and ancestry tracing using the iGENEA toolkit.

I recently undertook the iGENEA DNA test in a bid to explore more about the Abraham lineage. The results have in many ways been an eye-opener, providing a wealth of valuable, historically-secured and personally gratifying information about my lineage. This has offered a unique, in-depth approach transcending the previous boundaries of typical genealogical research by using genetic resources.

The service by iGENEA was commendable right from the start. Their easy-to-follow guidelines meant that taking the test was simple, consigning past experiences with DNA kits that were convoluted and complex to memory. The waiting period was also reasonable; it didn't feel as if I was being left on tenterhooks for too long. I was genuinely surprised by the wealth of knowledge they possessed about the Abraham name and its origins.

According to the test results, the Abraham ancestral origins can be traced back to the Middle East. iGENEA went a step further to reveal that a significant portion of the Abraham lineage migrated to Western Europe during various historical periods. This revelation was an exciting journey into the past and it certainly reiterated the importance of taking a DNA test from a company such as iGENEA which includes surname genealogy as part of their curriculum.

In terms of connection, using the iGENEA database has been rewarding. I have discovered a few potential genetic matches with the surname Abraham. While the connections are far in lineage, it is charming to know that there are other Abrahams out there who share parts of my genetic makeup and have embarked on a similar ancestral quest. The tool for communication with these matches is straightforward and effective. Ensuring privacy while enabling connection, yet another place iGENEA excels.

In conclusion, my experience with the iGENEA DNA test has been enlightening and gratifying. It has been more than just learning about genetic makeup but a journey into history and ancestry. iGENEA's commitment to providing a detailed and personalized experience is commendable. If you are interested in exploring your surname and its implications to your lineage, the iGENEA DNA test comes highly recommended. Looking forward, I am eager to learn more about the Abraham history and connect with more people sharing this surname.

Q. Abraham

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