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Surname Abrahamson - Meaning and Origin

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Abrahamson: What does the surname Abrahamson mean?

The last name Abrahamson is a patronymic surname derived from the personal name Abraham. This name is found in several cultures and languages, including biblical Hebrew, Dutch, and English. In the bible, Abraham is described as the founding forefather of the nation of Israel. In Dutch, the name is often seen as Abrahamszoon, meaning “son of Abraham”.

The name Abrahamson is of Old Testament origin and it is likely to be a nickname given to someone who was a paternal descendant of the biblical figure. It can also be used as a sign of respect for an esteemed ancestor.

In English-speaking countries, '-son' originally indicated that the bearer of the name was the son of his father. This meaning is still carried in names such as Johnson, Peterson, and others where the suffix '-son' is still retained.

The name Abrahamson is relatively common in English-speaking countries and there are many people sharing this surname who have likely descended from the same ancestor. It is also highly likely to have been adopted by Jews for whom it has strong religious significance.

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Abrahamson: Where does the name Abrahamson come from?

The last name Abrahamson is commonly found in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Throughout these Scandinavian countries, Abrahamson is one of the more popular last names, ranking high in all three countries. It also has some presence in the United States and Canada.

In Norway, the most recent data from 2016 had Abrahamson as the 56th most popular last name. Abrahamson in Sweden follows similarly, being the 64th most popular name in the country despite its small population size. In Denmark, the Abrahamson name is also quite common. It was the 73rd most popular last name according to records from 2017.

In the United States, the last name is not as commonly found. Still, according to the most recent records from 2017, the US Census estimates Abrahamson to have a population of 4,139. This gives it a rank of 17,594th when looking at US last names. It has a similarly low ranking in Canada, ranked at 16,067th out of the nation’s last names.

When looking at the current spread of the last name Abrahamson, it’s easy to see that it is primarily a Scandinavian surname. It’s found in many of the region’s countries, though its presence is much more sparse in North America.

Variations of the surname Abrahamson

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the Abrahamson surname are as follows:

Abrahams, Abrahamsen, Abrahamsz, Abrahamsson, Abrahamtz, Abrahamszoon, Abram, Abrams, Abramsen, Abramsz, Abramson, Abramsson, Abramtz, Abramszoon, Ebrahams, Ebrahimszoon, Ebrachmszoon, Ebrahims, Ebrahimsz, Ebrahimson, Ebrahamsson, Ebrahimtz, Ebrahimszoon, Avram, Avramov, Avramovitch, Avramovski, Avrams, Avramski, Avramsohn, Avramsky, Avramsoff, Avramson, Avrum, Avrun, Avshalom, Avshalomov, Abarbanel, Appelman, Appelmann, Appelt, Avshalomov, Arpels, and Arpelszoon.

The Abrahamson surname is of Jewish origin and derived from the Hebrew patronymic Ab-Ram meaning "father of Ram". As they spread throughout Europe the spelling of the name changed from within the various countries, and has since been Americanized to Abrahamson.

Most variants of the Abrahamson surname emerged during the 19th century when Jews began to migrate in large numbers, and name variations have become more common. As a result, the name can be seen spelled various ways in birth records, census data, and other sources.

Famous people with the name Abrahamson

  • David Abrahamson: American film and television director, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, and editor
  • Douglas Abrahamson: American film and television editor
  • Jesse Abrahamson: Actor and filmmaker from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Lisa Abrahamson: American rock and roll singer, songwriter and musician
  • Jane Abrahamson: Author, Professor emerita at Smith College
  • Linda Abrahamson: American tile artist, specializing in creating ceramic murals and gallery works
  • Rachel Abrahamson: American artist involved in video projection art, painting, photography and sculpture
  • Leonore Annenberg Abrahamson: philanthropist and Second Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993
  • Fred Abrahamson: American lawyer and academic from Iowa
  • Paul Abrahamson: Music composer, conductor and musical arranger

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