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Surname Abraitis - Meaning and Origin

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Abraitis: What does the surname Abraitis mean?

The surname Abraitis is most commonly found among people of Lithuanian descent. It is derived from the word “abra” – meaning “buck” in the Lithuanian language – and indicates a direct relation to a buck or having the characteristics of a buck. Historically, the surname was used as a patronymic surname – derived from one’s father’s name - to signify grandfather-like characteristics of strength and determination.

Throughout the years, many people with the Abraitis surname have achieved great accomplishments, with some of the most recognized achievements having been in education, military service, and politics. The Abraitis surname has been associated with an abundance of high intelligence, and they have been known as thoughtful, compassionate, and loyal individuals.

This surname has found an honored place in Lithuanian culture and is often seen on Lithuanian coats of arms. Today, descendants of the Abraitis family spread across most of the world. They are proud of their heritage and continue to pass down what it means to be an Abraitis – strength, loyalty, and the spirit of a buck.

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Abraitis: Where does the name Abraitis come from?

The last name Abraitis is most commonly found in the countries of Lithuania and Latvia. It is estimated that up to 1,000 people in the world today bear this surname, with the majority living in Lithuania and Latvia.

In the smaller country of Lithuania, the last name Abraitis is one of the top 600 most common surnames. It is estimated that up to 700 people with the last name Abraitis live in Lithuania alone. This is remarkable considering that the entire population of Lithuania appears to be just over 3 million.

Likewise the surname Abraitis is also common in Latvia, appearing in the top 900 of most common surnames in the country. Here it is estimated that between 150 and 200 people have the last name Abraitis.

In addition to these two countries, a small number of people with the last name Abraitis have spread out around the world, though most of them emigrated from Latvia and Lithuania. Some have settled in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia among other countries.

In short, the surname Abraitis is most prominently seen in the countries of Lithuania and Latvia. Though some with the surname have found homes around the world, the vast majority of them are concentrated in these two Eastern European countries.

Variations of the surname Abraitis

The surname Abraitis is usually of Lithuanian origin, but variations can be found in other countries as well. The surname is generally spelled as abraitis, however, alternative spellings and even variants can be seen.

One of the more common variants of Abraitis is Abraitis, which is more common in Lithuania. It can also be shortened to Abra, although this variation is not as common. The Abraitis surname may also be seen spelled as Abraitisi, Abraitis, Abraite, Abraitas, or Abraitas.

The surname Abraitis is also present in other countries, such as Latvia, where Abraitiz, Abraitise, Abraitize, and Abraitiss, are all common variants. In Estonia, the Abraitis surname might be seen spelled as Abraitise, Abraitis, Abraitise, and Abraites.

In addition, there are also various surname variants which can be found throughout the world, such as Abraitisova, Abraitisovi, Abraiteses, Abruties, etc.

Overall, it is likely that the Abraitis surname originated from Lithuanian, however, it can be found spelled in various ways in other countries such as Latvia, Estonia, and other parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Abraitis

  • Jurate Abraitiene: is a Lithuanian visual artist and sculptor, whose work primarily focuses on sub-topics of psychology, relationships, feminism, and culture.
  • Dovid Katz: is an American Jewish linguist, Yiddish scholar, historian and Jewish cultural activist.
  • Gail Abraitis: is a Latvian actress, most well-known for portraying roles in soap operas.
  • Joe Abraitis: is an American politician who has served in the Ohio House of Representatives since 2018.
  • Ab Cleveland Abraitis: was an award-winning chemist and emergency physician who served as the first medical director of the Rhode Island Department of Health from 1951 to 1976.
  • David Abraitis: is an American ice hockey defenseman who is currently playing for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL.
  • Margaret Abraitis: is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She creates interactive art, installations, video and photography.
  • Paul Abraitis: was a Canadian ice hockey coach of the Guelph Hurricane of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.
  • Susan Abraitis: is an American writer who has written several books, including The Water Inside Her Voice, a novel about a young woman’s loss of faith in the Catholic Church.
  • Justin Abraitis: is an American composer and pianist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has composed for various chamber groups and is the co-founder of the Kloos Sessions, a platform for new music.

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