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Surname Aburto - Meaning and Origin

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Aburto: What does the surname Aburto mean?

The last name Aburto originates from Spain, and is found primarily in the region of Cantabria as well as in other parts of the south. It is believed to come from the Gaia river of Galicia, where the ancestors of this family were established by the time of the 12th century.

The literal meaning of Aburto is 'closed door'. Historically, this likely refers to a doorway in a residence or manor home which was kept tightly closed and locked due to the familial wealth and importance, symbolically signifying exclusive access.

In ancient Spain, the Aburto family lived primarily as either nobles or powerful local landlords. They were well-known for their vast landholdings, wealth and influence in the region. In the present day, some famous bearers of the name are Francisco Aburto-Duran - a Mexican actor known for his role in the show Aquí Mando Yo, as well as Alicia Aburto - an Argentinian anthropologist who has specialised in the analysis of geoarchaeology and paleoenvironmental processes.

Overall, the Aburto surname carries a wealth of history and tradition from Spain, with a literal meaning of a ‘closed door’ presumably signifying the immense privilege and power the family enjoyed over the centuries.

Aburto: Where does the name Aburto come from?

The surname Aburto is a Spanish surname derived from the Basque word aburto, meaning "young". This surname is still common in its homeland of Spain today, but is also commonly found in many Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay as well as in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, and Guatemala. Today, the Aburto surname can be found in the United States, particularly in cities with large Central American populations in states such as California, Texas, New York and Florida. It is thought that the name came to the Americas with Spanish settlers at the end of the 15th century.

In Spain today, the name Aburto is particularly present in the regions of Navarre, Basque Country, Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Castile and León, Madrid, Aragon, and Valencia. Other countries where it is popular include France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Given the Spanish heritage of the surname, it is likely to be found wherever there are Spanish-speaking communities or people of Spanish heritage around the world, which could possibly mean that the name Aburto is now found almost everywhere. However, this can be confirmed only through a detailed examination.

Variations of the surname Aburto

The surname Aburto has several variants, spellings, and alternative surnames that stem from the same origin. Variations in spelling are typically attributed to a variety of regional dialects, the passage of time and inconsistencies in how records were kept and stored. Examples of variants of Aburto include Aborto, Aburtu, Abortoo, Aburtoo, and Abortu.

Aburto may also be spelled Aburtoe, Aburtoo, Aburtou. It can also be seen as Aburte and Aburt. In addition to these variations, the surname Aburto may be seen as Aburre, as well as Aburries, Aburria, Aburru, or Aburrus.

In some variations, a double consonant might be seen instead of a single one, like in Aburtto/Aburttu/Aburrto/Aburrtoo. It can also be seen under the spellings Abuturo, Abortero, Abortere, and Aburtore.

Finally, alternative surnames include Aburta, Aburrabe, Aburri, Aburro, Aburtay, and Aburtayado. It is important to note that in some cases, one of the letter 'r' may be replaced with a 'y' to create the surname Aburto.

All in all, Aburto is an extremely varied surname with a complicated and diverse history that makes it difficult to definitively trace the origin of the name or its various variants.

Famous people with the name Aburto

  • Juan Aburto- former President of Panama
  • Idalmis Aburto- Panamanian judoka
  • Magdiel Aburto- Uruguayan football midfielder
  • Ariel Aburto- Panamanian filmmaker and film producer
  • María Alejandra Aburto- Nicaraguan beauty queen and Miss Nicaragua 2013
  • Ismael Aburto- Chilean football goalkeeper
  • Luz Aburto- Panamanian volleyball player
  • Erika Aburto- Mexican boxer
  • Jaime Aburto- Chilean football winger
  • Cecilia Aburto- Mexican actress

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