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Surname Ace - Meaning and Origin

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Ace: What does the surname Ace mean?

The last name Ace is of old English origin, derived from the medieval personal name "Ace," meaning "one, unity." It was often given as a nickname to those who are considered as "number one" or superior in a particular field, excelling way beyond their peers. The name "Ace" might have also been used metaphorically for a person deemed the "one" or the highest ranking individual in a community. In the Middle Ages, Ace was a popular personal name, and it has been used as a last name or surname since then. As with many other surnames, it could have transitioned from a nickname or personal name to a last name, passed down to succeeding generations. The use of this surname is widespread across countries especially in the United States and United Kingdom.

Ace: Where does the name Ace come from?

The surname Ace is of English origin. It is derived from the Middle English word "as" or "aas," which is equivalent to the Old French "as," both translated as "ace." The name was used as a baptismal name during the Middle Ages for a person who excelled in activities or had an “ace up their sleeve.” It could also indicate a person's status or be occupational, referencing someone who worked in a gaming house or someone with a strategic mind. This surname is very rare and its distribution is scattered worldwide. However, it is most prevalent in the United States, with higher concentrations in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It is least common in Mali. Although the surname Ace is less common, it is a popular first name for boys and is used in many cultures around the world to reference the number one or a person who excels at a certain skill.

Variations of the surname Ace

The surname Ace is believed to have English origin and variant spellings can include Ase, Aes, Eace, and Eace. There might also be another version like Aace. However, since it's a rather unique surname, there aren't many known variants. Please note that some of these versions are rather rare and might not be recognized as surnames presently.

This name might have originally been a nickname, since "ace" means "one" or "excellent" in old English. Furthermore, due to regional dialect and differences in spelling and pronunciation, names often had different versions during ancient times. Also, surnames were often descriptive, referring to a person's occupation, location, or characteristic, such as the case of Ace.

As for surnames of the same origin, considering it has English roots, names like Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore, Taylor, Anderson, Thomas, Jackson, White, Harris, Martin, Thompson, Garcia, Martinez, Robinson, Clark, Rodriguez, Lewis, Lee, Walker, Hall, Allen, Young, Hernandez, King, Wright, Lopez, Hill, Scott, Green, Adams, Baker, Gonzalez, and Nelson, among many others are English too.

Famous people with the name Ace

  • Johnny Ace: An American R&B singer of the 1950s, known for hits like "Pledging My Love".
  • Ace Frehley: An American musician and songwriter, best known as the former lead guitarist and co-founding member of the rock band Kiss. His full name is Paul Daniel Frehley, but he is professionally known as Ace Frehley.
  • Ace Hood: An American rapper from Florida, whose real name is Antoine McColister, but performs under the name Ace Hood.
  • Amber Ace: An accomplished British track and field athlete who specializes in the high jump.
  • Buddy Ace: An American blues singer, who was born as James Lee Land but is known by his stage name Buddy Ace.
  • Chris Ace: Canadian film producer and director, known mostly for his work in independent films.
  • Billy Deuce Ace: Refers to Billy 'Deuce' Acee, a former professional football player who played for the Denver Broncos. He played as a running back in NFL for four seasons.
  • Cinthie Ace: A renowned DJ and record producer from Germany.
  • Harry Ace: A British actor known for his performances in theatrical plays in London's West End.
  • Jefferson Ace: A well-known South African rugby player.

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