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Surname Achtermeier - Meaning and Origin

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Achtermeier: What does the surname Achtermeier mean?

The last name Achtermeier is a German/Austrian surname derived from the Old High German word "aht" which means "eight" and "meier" which was a title of a property manager. In this context, the term Achtermeier can be translated roughly to mean “eight-man," signifying that the family was likely part of a community of eight-people closely connected to each other. This term could be an indicator of Crucimigration, which is the movement of people from their home countries and across political boundaries.

Originally, the Achtermeier surname was probably associated with a clan that identified as having its roots in a particular geographic region or area. As the members of this family moved to other regions, the Achtermeier surname followed along and consequently, many people bearing the last name have history in Germany, Austria, and other parts of Central Europe. The surname is still very common in these countries today, and can occasionally be encountered in other places around the globe.

It should also be noted that there may be other origins or meanings of the last name Achtermeier, as some sources suggest that it is a contraction of Ahtenmeier, which meant someone who had joined the knightly order of the Teutonic Knights.

No matter its original origins, it is clear that the last name Achtermeier is of German/Austrian origin. It is a clue to the history of the families that have passed this name down, as the name carries the suggestion of a long-standing familial connection based on strong bonds of loyalty and trust. To those bearing the last name Achtermeier, it is a reminder of their unique roots and ancestry.

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Achtermeier: Where does the name Achtermeier come from?

The last name Achtermeier is most common today in Germany. It is particularly prevalent in the western and most populous states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. According to the German surname dictionary, the name Achtermeier derives from two separate roots, the Germanic "hoch" meaning "high" or "noble," and the word "meier" meaning "mayor" or "farmer." This gives the name a Germanic origin suggesting someone of higher social standing.

Though it's difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the surname Achtermeier, it seems clear that at some point, either a nobleman or mayor was given the prefix of "hoch," transforming the name from plain Meier to Hochmeier and finally Achtermeier.

Today, the Achtermeier name is still most common in Germany, though it has also spread to other German-speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland, and parts of the United States. The United States census of 1880 lists the population with the Achtermeier surname in the United States as 5,416, with many of those people settling in Pennsylvania.

All in all, it's likely that the name Achtermeier first become established in Germany as a long-standing family name and has since spread over time to neighboring countries and even further around the world.

Variations of the surname Achtermeier

The surname Achtermeier is derived from the German words "Achter" and "Meier". The surname is common in Germany and other German-speaking countries, and its variant spellings are Achtermayr, Achtermaier, Achtermayer, Achtermeyer, Achtmaier, Achtmeyer, and Achtmayer.

The surname Achtermeier is also found among Ashkenazi Jewish families in the United States. Possible spellings of this surname in Yiddish are Achtermayer, Achtermayr, Achtermaier, Achtmaier, Achtmeyer, and Achtmayer. Similarly, possible spellings of this surname in Hebrew are Achtman, Achtmayer, and Achtmayr.

In the Netherlands, the Achtermeier surname is spelled Achtermajer, Achtermeer, Achtermier, Achtmeijer, and Achtmeijer. In Australia it is also found in the variant spellings of Achtmeyer, Achtmaier, and Achtermajer.

In addition to the common variant spellings, Achtermeier is also a common patronymic surname that derived from the given name Achter, which is a Dutch and Low German male name meaning ‘eighth’ or ‘last born’. Surnames associated with this form include Achternaam, Achtertuin, Achterkamp, and Achterberg.

Overall, the surname Achtermeier has many spelling variants all over the world, derived from both German and Dutch origins.Regardless of which language or spelling variation you use, all variants of the surname Achtermeier share the same origin.

Famous people with the name Achtermeier

  • Jerome Achtermeier: Professional cyclist known for his downhill mountain biking skills.
  • Izaak Achtermeier: Football wide receiver who has attended both Oregon State and Boise State University.
  • Till Achtermeier: German football player who plays for Arminia Bielefeld.
  • Wayne Achtermeier: American cyclist and cycling coach highly experienced in mountain biking as well as cyclocross.
  • Erwin Achtermeier: World renowned jazz and big band drummer from Germany.
  • Dina Achtermeier: German TV journalist and presenter for RTL.
  • Lauren Achtermeier: American actor, known for her roles in horror, comedy, and drama films such as House of 1000 Corpses and The Ballad of Cable Hogue.
  • Mona Achtermeier: Champion snowboarder and ski racer who won gold at the X-Games.
  • Willem Achtermeier: Dutch sculptor and painter best known for his abstract and futuristic pieces.
  • Lena Mara Achtermeier: German photographer and student of the Masters Photography program at the Kunst Akademie in Vienna.

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