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Surname Acikelli - Meaning and Origin

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Acikelli: What does the surname Acikelli mean?

The origin of the last name Acikelli is not widely known, but it is most likely of Turkish origin. Acikelli means “son of the eagle” in Turkish, which implies a family of strength, honor, and loyalty.

The name Acikelli is believed to have originated in the early part of the 16th century. At that time, Turks were migrating to the Eastern European countries of Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. In the process, they adopted surnames that were related to their profession or home region. As a result, the Acikelli surname became widely used in these countries.

The Acikelli family is renowned for their strong sense of loyalty and honor. The name is associated with representatives of royalty and is often seen in official documents and records.

Today, the Acikelli surname is found in many countries around the world. Given its widespread usage, it has become a part of many cultures and identities. Even after centuries, those who bear the Acikelli surname still maintain the values and principles of strength, honor, and loyalty that it was originally associated with.

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Acikelli: Where does the name Acikelli come from?

The last name Acikelli is most commonly found in the nation of Turkey and in areas populated by ethnic Turkish peoples. There is an estimate of 4,407 people bearing the Acikelli last name living in Turkey today, mostly centered around the city of Istanbul.

The Acikelli family name is known to have originated from the region of Anatolia centuries ago. It is thought that the first name Acikelli came from a Turkish man named Kara Acikelli, who first used the surname around the 18th century. Since then, the name and its meaning have been passed down through generations, eventually arriving in Turkey today.

The Acikelli surname is also common within the Greek population that traces back to the Ottoman Empire, and is present in smaller populations in parts of the Middle East, Europe, and North America. A few people in the United States and Canada of Turkish or Greek origin have the surname Acikelli, but the last name is not as common as it is in Turkey.

The name Acikelli is usually associated with the words: acı in Turkish (meaning bitter or sour); kelli, also in Turkish, (meaning honest) and the suffix "+i" which is a diminutive form of the name. This would imply that the name roughly translates into “The honest/noble one with a heart of bitterness”.

Overall, the Acikelli name is most heavily concentrated in Turkey, although there are still other parts of the world were members of the Acikelli family reside. Depending on the location, the meaning of this name can vary from noble and honest to bitter.

Variations of the surname Acikelli

The variants, spellings, and surnames of Acikelli are found across Europe and could be moved between languages as a result of immigration and emigration over many centuries. Variants include Acikalli, Acikkolu, Acikolli, and Acikkalli, with some slightly different spellings reported in Turkey and Greece.

In some instances, Aci kelli appears in records as Akinelli or Achekalli. Another common spelling is Achilik, Achikalli, Achcomment, Achikoli, Achikolli, or Achikooly.

The surname is closely related to the Turkish word for "content," indicating that the history of the surname could be centered around families that moved from Turkey to Eastern Europe during the 19th century. The surname can also appear as Akcinkolu or Acheikoli in Greece.

In the Balkans, surnames with similar spellings could have derived from "Ach" (a prefix common to many Slavic languages) meaning "brother, friend, or equal." This suggests that the ancestors of those with the family name could have been brothers, close friends, or people of equal social status living in Eastern Europe.

Variations in the suffix or middle portion of the surname could also have resulted from differences in dialects or a combination of other family names. For instance, -kelli and -koli are found in many Eastern European surnames as well.

Other surnames of the same origin include Achilik, Achikalli, Achcomment, Achikoli, Achikolli, Achikooly, Achekalli, Acikali, Acikkolu, Acikolli, Acikkalli, Acikell, and Akinelli.

Famous people with the name Acikelli

  • Saleh Acikelli: Producer and actor known for his work in movies such as 1992’s Miraculous Year and 1994's Turkish Fury.
  • Gülgün Acikelli: Turkish fashion designer who is best known as the founder of the Gülgün Acikelli clothing brand.
  • Mert Acikelli: Turkish footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for the Turkish Super Lig team Ankaragücü.
  • Yelda Acikelli: Model and actress from Turkey who has had roles in productions such as Hürrem Sultan: The Witch of Istanbul and The Blue Mansion.
  • Haluk Acikelli: Figure skater who has competed at the Winter Universiade, European Figure Skating Championships, and other competitions.
  • Deniz Acikelli: Actor and director from Turkey known for his work in films such as Sarı Kanepe and Ölümkuşu.
  • Ender Acikelli: Award-winning documentary filmmaker from Turkey whose work has been shown at numerous festivals, including the Istanbul International Film Festival.
  • Nurcan Acikelli: Turkish film director and producer who is best known for her films A Leader and Yenilmezler.
  • Gökhan Acikelli: Actor and former dancer who has appeared in productions such as the films Ağıt and Çılgınlar Zamanı.
  • Necla Acikelli: Turkish theater director and playwright whose work has been featured in numerous productions across the country.

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