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Surname Ackerl - Meaning and Origin

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Ackerl: What does the surname Ackerl mean?

The last name Ackerl is an old German surname. The surname is believed to be derived from the Middle High German phrase vogeldoch, which was used to refer to an individual who worked with birds or birds feathers. This could mean that the name may be related to the ancient occupation of falconry or the harvesting of feathers for various uses.

The surname is an occupational name that can be found used in German-speaking areas dating back to the 13th century. It is found most commonly in the southern German states such as Bavaria and Swabia. It is still a popular name in these areas with various spellings, such as Ackerrle, Ackerley, and Ackerl.

The name Ackerle translates into English as "feather factor" and it is believed to be one of the few slogans of the Middle Ages that emerged as a surname. The word can also be found in the term Ackersmann, which means "farmer", and Ackerknecht, which means "plowman".

The surname Ackerle is likely to have had a positive meaning, and it is often associated with birds and feathers which symbolizes flight, freedom and Christianity. The name can be seen in various coats of arms and emblems, reflecting the importance of this well-respected name.

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Ackerl: Where does the name Ackerl come from?

The last name Ackerl can be found in various countries and regions around the world. The name is most popular in Austria, where it is the 97th most common surname. It can also be found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Switzerland.

In the United States, the name is most closely associated with German, Austrian, and Czech immigrants who arrived in the 19th century. It is estimated that there are currently around 5,000 Americans bearing the surname Ackerl, most of whom live in the Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Ackerl is also relatively common in Canada, particularly in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, as well as in the Western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. It is also found in small numbers in the United Kingdom, France, and various other countries in Europe.

The surname is probably of Germanic origin, derived from the Middle High German ‘Acker’ which means ‘field.’ It may also be derived from the Francis ‘Ackerl,’ or ‘oak tree.’ The family name can refer to someone who lived in a field or near, or an oak tree.

Variations of the surname Ackerl

Ackerl is a German surname originating from two root words ‘acke’ or ‘achern’ which means ‘field’ and ‘ralle’ meaning ‘to clear’ thus Ackerl is often translated to mean 'one who clears land’. This surname has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variants of the Ackerl surname are Ackerman, Ackermann, Achermann, Ackerl, Ackerle, Ackele, Ackler, Acker, Achel, Akkel, Akle, Akler, Akele, Achenbach, Ahne, and Eichel.

The most common spellings of the Ackerl surname are Ackerman, Ackerl, Ackler, Achermann, Ackerle, Akele, Akle, Akler, Ackel, and Achle.

Additionally, the surnames that are derived from the same root words as Ackerl are Ammann, Anwarter, Arzberger, Ebinger, Eggelsberger, Krafft, Erbacher, Fichtner, Schwab, Schneider, Stauffer, Werlin, Wolf, and Wurster.

Overall, the surname Ackerl has a wide variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Despite the many different forms, they all refer to people who clear land and are a distinct part of German culture.

Famous people with the name Ackerl

  • Paula Ackerl: Austrian film actress
  • William Ackerl: Austrian-born professional ice hockey player
  • Leopold Ackerl: Austrian sculptor and architect
  • Vlad Ackerl: professional football player from Slovenia
  • Ray Ackerl: British racecar driver and World Championships contestant
  • Robert Ackerl: Austrian mathematician and natural scientist
  • Eduard Ackerl: Austrian-American painter and graphic artist
  • Josef Ackerl: Austrian politician
  • Alois Ackerl: Austrian mountaineer and author
  • John Ackerl: American Jesuit priest and educator
  • Richard Ackerl: Austrian landscape painter
  • Valentin Ackerl: Austrian composer
  • Jan Ackerl: Austrian lawyer and politician
  • Adam Ackerl: Austrian organist and composer
  • Siegfried Ackerl: Austrian biologist and environmentalist
  • Hans Ackerl: Austrian egg and poultry producer
  • Jacinta Ackerl: British fashion designer
  • Karl Ackerl: Austrian photography professor
  • Susanne Ackerl: Austrian author
  • Paul Ackerl: Austrian footballer

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