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Surname Acord - Meaning and Origin

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Acord: What does the surname Acord mean?

Acord is a surname that originally belonged to a class of occupational names. It is Anglo-Saxon in origin and primarily used in English-speaking countries. The name was first given to individuals who were cordwainers, an old term in England for a craftsman who produced soft leather goods, such as purses, gloves, and footwear. It is derived from the word "acord" meaning "agreement" or "concurrence" which itself comes from Old French "acorder", meaning to agree or reconcile. So the surname Acord can also symbolize harmony or unity. However, the meaning of a surname can change over many generations and can denote different things depending on the heritage and history of individual families. It is quite common to find the same surname across different cultures and regions, each having a different meaning.

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Acord: Where does the name Acord come from?

The surname Acord is of English origin and is believed to have derived from the Middle English word “acord”, which means agreement or concord. It was often used as a nickname for a person who was amiable and agreeable. The name could also possibly be topographic, representing someone who lived near a prominent tree, as "acord" is similar to "ackward", a term for a plot of land with oak trees.

Several different spellings of the name, such as Accord, Acourt, and Akard, appeared over time due to the name's oral transmission. The Acord family was first found in the county of Sussex, located in South East England.

Today, the surname Acord can be found in both England and the United States. In the US, the name is most prevalent in the states of Utah and West Virginia. According to recent census data, approximately 2,500 individuals in the United States bear the Acord surname, making it the 12,086th most common surname in the country. Overall, the name is more prevalent in the United States than any other country.

Variations of the surname Acord

The surname Acord, primarily found in the U.S. and also in England, has several alternate spellings and variations. Some of these include Accard, Acard, Akard, Accord, Aucord, Akord, Acourd, and Acourt.

In many cases, variant spelling of a surname would occur over time due to a variety of factors including illiteracy or language evolution, immigration and translation issues or simply due to regional dialect differentiation.

The name itself could have originated from several sources: 1) from the old English word ‘acord’ meaning ‘agreement’, possibly used as a nickname for a conciliatory or agreeable person; 2) a variant of the French family name Accord/Acard, which is a topographic name for someone who lived near a prominent tree, from Latin "acer", meaning "maple".

Therefore, it is also assumed that some other surnames such as Acker, Ackard, Akker, could potentially be from the same origin. However, the exact origin and lineage of the Acord surname could vary greatly and needs to be individually researched based on the family history.

Famous people with the name Acord

  • Arthur 'Ace' Acord: A renowned cowboy and silent movie actor who became famous during the early 20th century for his roles in Western films.
  • Shannon Lucas Acord: An experienced animator and supervisor in well-known animation studios like DreamWorks Animation, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Nate Acord: A popular hairstylist, especially known for his incredible talent in the celebrity world.
  • Alan Acord: A famous rock and pop vocalist and President of Adcom Entertainment.
  • Kevin Acord: A professional American football player, born in 1971.
  • Ann Acord: Known for her work on Sicario (2015), True Grit (2010) and 3:10 to Yuma (2007) in the film industry.
  • Russ Acord: Known for being the investigator in the TV series "Expedition Bigfoot."
  • Beverly Acord: TV actress known for "The Morning After." These are some of the famous individuals with the last name 'Acord.'

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