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Discovering the Global Roots of the Surname Adamson Through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Adamson

Taking the iGENEA DNA test for the surname Adamson has been a journey filled with revelation, surprise, and deepened bonds. The test unveiled a rich tapestry of ancestry far beyond any previous assumptions, realigning the author's identity to reflect global connectivity.

Taking the iGENEA DNA test has been a journey of discovery and sober revelations. After ordering the kit online, there was a mix of anxiety and excitement as I swabbed my cheek, sealed the sample in the provided envelope, and sent it off. The waiting was the hardest part - the mystery of my genetics just waiting to be unlocked.

When I finally received my results, I was flooded with a range of emotions - surprise, elation, disbelief. The result affirmed my strongest-held belief of having Scandinavian origins due to my surname, Adamson. I always heard family tales of my Adamson ancestors being Viking warriors and adventurers, and it initially seemed like these tales had just been vindicated. Yet, going through the comprehensive and detailed report, I found my roots linked to countries far and wide. It wasn't just Scandinavia; I had ties to Western Europe and even the Middle East.

I had a moment of disorientation, almost like my sense of self was fluid and changing. In my hands was the evidence that my lineage stretched out like a spider's web, linking me to countless individuals and cultures. My surname, which I had always attributed with pride for its Viking roots, suddenly became much more. It became a symbol of the diversity and historical migration that is the true human story.

Understanding my 'Adamson' lineage has deepened my love for my family. Not only for my present relatives but also the ancestors whose lives had previously been obscure to me. I felt connected in a whole new way, and although it was a daunting revelation, it brought a newfound respect for not just my own, but for every family's unique journey.

The experience has been a life-changing one. This newfound knowledge has fueled a desire to know more about my roots, about those individuals from whom I am descended, and about the countries and cultures that they will have encountered on their travels. It has also enriched my overall understanding of the human race and our interconnectedness. Ultimately, it heightened my appreciation for my family while deepening the respect I have for the surname Adamson, now synonymous with diversity in my eyes.

P. Adamson

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