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Surname Adderson - Meaning and Origin

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Adderson: What does the surname Adderson mean?

The surname Adderson is of English origin and is believed to be a patronymic form, meaning 'son of Adder'. The name 'Adder' could be derived from an occupational name for a person who caught eels, as 'adder' was used as a term for eels in the Middle Ages in England. Alternatively, 'Adder' is also a contraction of the biblical name Adam, so 'Adderson' could mean 'son of Adam'. As with many surnames, the exact origin and meaning can be difficult to trace and may vary based on different family histories. It's also important to note that surnames could undergo spellings variations over generations due different factors like regional accents, literacy levels, or transcription errors.

Adderson: Where does the name Adderson come from?

The last name Adderson is an English patronymic surname and originates from the personal name "Adam". The suffix "son" denotes "son of", thus Adderson may mean "son of Adder", with Adder being a nickname or variant of Adam. Although not widely common, it is distributed in English-speaking countries but primarily found today in the United States. Online databases show clusters of Addersons in states like South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Texas. Fewer instances are recorded in the UK, Canada, and Australia. These distributions could be the result of historical migration patterns from Britain to these areas. It's important to note that some could also result from variations in spelling across generations or different branches of the same family. For example, it could have been spelled as "Addison" and became "Adderson" over the years. As with all surnames, the occurrence in various areas tends to evolve over time, reflecting the movement of people for various reasons such as economic conditions, employment opportunities, or even personal or family circumstances.

Variations of the surname Adderson

There are several variants and possible spellings for the surname Adderson, some of which might be resulted from misspellings, regional accents, differences in dialect, or simple mistakes in transcription over the years. These include Aderson, Addersen, Adersson, Adison, Addison, Addisson, Adeson, and Addeson.

Adderson appears to be most commonly associated with English origin, particularly deriving from the patronymic (son of) surname Addison, which in turn is closely associated with the given name Adam. The name Addison itself means "son of Adam".

There are also similar surnames from different origins. For example, Anderson is a common Scandinavian surname which means "son of Ander/Andrew". However, it is linguistically distinct from Adderson, despite their phonetic similarities.

Each of these variations may also carry their own set of sub-variants. For instance, Addison could also be spelled as Addeson, Adeson, Addisen, Addisyn, or Adisyn. Likewise, Anderson might also be found as Andersen, Andersson, or Anderzon.

Please note that the exact connections between these names can be complex and are often subject to historical and regional variations, making it difficult to trace specific family histories simply through surnames only.

Famous people with the name Adderson

  • Doug Adderson: a Canadian former professional ice hockey player
  • Joe Adderson: an English comedian and impressionist
  • Antony Adderson: an English writer and television presenter
  • Asa Adderson: an American musician and actor
  • Tom Adderson: an English actor and former model
  • Denice Adderson: a Canadian Olympic gymnast
  • Chris Adderson: an Australian politician and former Leader of the Opposition
  • Ron Adderson: an American politician and former Governor
  • Mark Adderson: a British actor and director
  • Steve Adderson: an American former professional basketball player
  • Denton Adderson: an English former professional cricketer
  • Danny Adderson: an American former professional baseball player
  • Ben Adderson: an English professional rugby union player
  • Jean Adderson: an American professional golfer
  • Florence Adderson: a British born Canadian quilt artist
  • Megan Adderson: an American Olympic softball player
  • Scott Adderson: a Canadian professional hockey player
  • Victoria Adderson: a British costume designer
  • Sarah Adderson: an English Paralympic medalist
  • Malcolm Adderson: a British entrepreneur and philanthropist

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