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Surname Adelson - Meaning and Origin

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Adelson: What does the surname Adelson mean?

The surname Adelson is of Jewish origin, primarily Ashkenazic Jewish. It is derived from the Hebrew name Adel, which means "noble" or "majestic," and then combined with the son suffix, and thus translates to "son of Adel". It is patronymic, indicating a familial or paternal lineage dating back to a male ancestor named Adel. The surname Adelson is fairly common in Jewish communities, especially those of Eastern European descent, due to the migration and dispersion of Ashkenazic Jews in that area. In English-speaking countries, it might also be an Americanized spelling of similar sounding Jewish surnames. Like many Jewish surnames, it was often adopted in the late 18th to 19th centuries, when many governments in central and eastern Europe mandated families to acquire a fixed surname.

Adelson: Where does the name Adelson come from?

The surname Adelson is of Jewish origin, primarily Ashkenazic Jewish from Eastern Europe. It's derived from the Hebrew personal name Adel, meaning 'noble', combined with the patronymic suffix -son, meaning 'son of'.

There can be alternative spellings, such as Adelson or Addelson. Despite its Jewish origins, the surname is not exclusively Jewish today.

The name Adelson is not particularly common and occurs more frequently in the United States than in other countries. It might be most associated with the late Sheldon Adelson, an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and political donor. However, it's difficult to pin-point the regions where the surname is most prominent today as people with this name can be found in many different parts of the world due to global migration patterns.

Variations of the surname Adelson

The surname Adelson might also be spelled as Adelsonn, Adelsson, or even Addelson in some circumstances. Certain genealogical records may also list it as Adelsohn, Adeleson or Adelshon, adjusted based on the phonetic variations in different regions or countries. In addition, derivations of other names could end up connected to Adelson, like Adels, due to similar roots or components.

Different cultures and languages might slightly alter the spelling based on their alphabets and phonetics. For example, in certain Scandinavian regions, the surname could be encountered as Adelsön because of the use of special characters.

However, the most direct and common surname with a similar origin is "Adler," as both Adelson and Adler are of Jewish descent. Adelson is typically a patronymic surname, meaning it was originally used to signify "son of Adel" or "Adel's son." Variations like Adelsohn and Adelsson further confirm this relationship.

The range of possible variations would increase significantly when considering the changes that can occur over centuries and through migration. Therefore, thorough genealogical research is recommended to identify all possible variants of the surname Adelson.

Famous people with the name Adelson

  • Sheldon Adelson: An American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Sheldon Adelson is the founder, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. As of 2021, Adelson is estimated to be the 15th-richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $37.2 billion.
  • Miriam Adelson: An American doctor, philanthropist, and activist, Miriam Adelson is the wife of Sheldon Adelson. She is currently the publisher of Israel Hayom, a free daily Israeli newspaper. The newspaper is the most widely circulated newspaper in Israel and is estimated to have a daily readership of 2.5 million.
  • Adam Adelson: Adam Adelson is the son of billionaire couple Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. He is the CEO of Las Vegas Sands, which owns multiple casino resorts, such as The Venetian, The Palazzo, Sands Cotai Central, and the Parisian Macao.
  • Mitchell Adelson: Mitchell Adelson is the second-oldest son of Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. He serves as the executive director of the Adelson Family Foundation.
  • Gary Adelson: Gary Adelson is the brother of Sheldon Adelson. He is the founder and chairman of Distributed Information Systems, Inc., and has served as a director of Las Vegas Sands Corp., Adelson Drug Clinic, and Drug Free All Stars.
  • Jack Adelson: Jack Adelson is the oldest son of Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. He is the founder and managing partner of Six Star Energy.
  • Bruce Adelson: Bruce Adelson is the co-founder and CEO of Respira Technologies, a medical device startup.
  • Lampel Adelson: Lampel Adelson is the youngest son of Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. He currently serves as the director of the nonprofit organization, Dr Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson Educational Campus.

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