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Discovering The Depth of ‘Adkins’: An Emotional Journey with iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Adkins

My iGENEA DNA journey was a roller coaster of emotions, filled with curiosity, surprise, excitement and humility. The test results profoundly influenced my perception of my family and the Adkins surname, prompting me to see it as symbolizing not just my family but also our resilience and strength, inherent in our DNA.

Throughout my iGENEA journey, I have experienced a spectrum of emotions from sheer curiosity to overwhelming humility. At the initial stage, curiosity led me into delving into the unknown, delving into where I am from and who I am at my very core. The anticipation built as I sent off my DNA sample and waited for the results.

On receiving my DNA results from iGENEA, I was hit by a strong wave of surprise. As someone who had grown up proudly bearing the Adkins surname, it was transformative to learn that my DNA carries the traces of various cultures and regions. I realized that the Adkins line - my line - is not a single thread, but a rich tapestry woven from countless histories and narratives.

With some further study into the results, moments of sheer excitement were also met. I found connections to paths less traveled by my family, linking me with ancestry from fascinating regions. These findings sparked animated conversations at family gatherings, providing us with a new lens to explore our collective history and narrative.

A sense of humility and deep respect for my ancestors also surface. iGENEA’s DNA test allowed me to map out my ancestral journey, a journey characterized by struggles, victories, love, and survival. The surname Adkins has taken on a deeper significance, symbolizing not just my family but also the resilience and strength inherent in our DNA.

Overall, the experience with iGENEA has profoundly impacted me emotionally and has significantly influenced my perception of my family and our name - Adkins. Now, each utterance of my surname brings with it a poignancy - it is a homage to my ancestors, a recognition of my roots, and a firm assertion of who I am.

M. Adkins

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