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Surname Adsett - Meaning and Origin

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Adsett: What does the surname Adsett mean?

Adsett is an English name from the Anglo-Saxon period, although its ultimate origin may be French. The name is derived from the phrase 'ad seote', meaning 'at the place or seat'. It may have been used to refer to an individual who lived in a particular place or who was in a position of authority in a particular area. This is a relatively common name throughout England, particularly in the south and east.

The Adsetts were a prominent family of medieval merchants in London. They owned a great deal of property in the city, including a house in Addle Hill in London. They were also involved in shipping and had a thriving business trading in wine and foodstuffs. The family was influential in the city, and several members of the family held important positions in the city government.

The name Adsett can also refer to a hamlet in Kent, a village near Kitbrook in Nottinghamshire, and a suburb of Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

Adsett has come to be associated with both strength and integrity, representing a family that made an impact in the city for several centuries. Its history reflects the legacy of Anglo-Saxon England, and its use as a place name further emphasizes the importance of location and identity.

Adsett: Where does the name Adsett come from?

The last name Adsett has its roots in England and is now most commonly found in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. In terms of its geographical spread, the surname is common throughout much of the English-speaking world.

In the UK, Adsett is a relatively rare surname; it is most densely concentrated in Devon, Cornwall, and Gloucestershire. In 2016, there were 2,057 individuals with the last name in the United Kingdom, making it the 8,639th most common surname in the country.

In Australia, Adsett is much more common and is ranked as the 822nd most popular last name. According to 2016 data, there were 13,935 individuals with the surname Down Under. This makes Adsett the third-most-common surname in the state of Vermont and sixth-most-common in New South Wales.

In the United States, Adsett is the 4,527th-most-common last name. According to the last official census available, there were 7,068 Adsetts residing in the country. New York had the greatest concentration of Adsett individuals, with 1,241 individuals living in the state.

The last name Adsett can also be found in smaller but significant numbers in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Adsett

The surname Adsett is an English patronymic name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the personal name Adrian, which is derived from the Latin Hadrianus. Spelling variations of the name Adsett can include Adset, Adsette, Adsettte, Addset, Adssette, Adsitt, Adsitte and many more.

Variants of the Adsett surname include Adset, Adsette, Adsitt, Adsitte, Aydsett, Hedset and Hedsitte. These surnames are thought to be derived from early variations of the Adsett surname.

Most of the alternate forms of the surname Adsett are found in Northumberland, Yorkshire and surrounding counties. The climate and terrain are thought to have had an influence on the surname spelling.

Surnames of the same origin as Adsett include Ayers, Ayres, Eras, Erring, Eræces and Othering. These surnames are derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name Aethelric, which means noble and powerful ruler. These surnames are found mainly in the English counties of Northumberland, Yorkshire and Durham.

The Adsett surname can be found throughout the British Isles and can be very difficult to trace accurately. It is a fairly uncommon surname and many of its variants have become extinct over the years. It is believed that many of the contemporary spellings of the Adsett surname are strongly linked to the areas where the family lived and the language spoken from an early age.

Famous people with the name Adsett

  • Gareth Adsett: Rugby player for the North Harbour team in New Zealand.
  • Bill Adsett: Former Mayor of Oshawa, former Member of Provincial Parliament, and long-time businessman in Durham Region, Canada.
  • Trish Adsett: Former Member of Legislative Assembly, Minister of Health, and Minister of Tourism in New South Wales, Australia.
  • Paul Adsett: Member of Legislative Assembly in Victoria, Australia and former professional football player.
  • Christopher Adsett: Saracens Rugby player and England international.
  • Iain Adsett: Former Member of Legislative Assembly in South Australia and Multiple South Australian Senior and Junior Sports Teams.
  • Emma Adsett: Voice actor and former member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.
  • Will Adsett: Former professional footballer for Shrewsbury Town currently running Natural Focus Group, a renewable energy and sustainability consultancy, in Herefordshire, England.
  • Bruce Adsett: Canadian Football League trainer and director of therapy and sports medicine.
  • Bob Adsett: CEO and co-founder of Dutch Apple Cruises, an Ontario-based company offering sightseeing tours of the 1000 Islands region.

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