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Surname Aemilius - Meaning and Origin

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Aemilius: What does the surname Aemilius mean?

The surname Aemilius is of Latin origin and is thought to derive from the Latin family name Aemilius, which is derived from the word aemulus, meaning ‘rival, equal or similar’. The name has been found throughout history in Roman, Greek, and Old German records, where it is thought to have been used as a patronymic surname.

The Aemilius surname was common among Roman families, notably among the famous Fabia gens of the Roman Republic. This family was one of the most illustrious and prominent in Roman history, and included several consuls, censors, and generals. Later, the surname spread throughout the Roman Empire and was found in many European countries.

Since then, the surname Aemilius has become one of the most common surnames in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. In modern times, the name is often used as a given name and the meaning of rivalry and equality has been attributed to making it a popular choice.

Overall, the last name Aemilius is quite ancient and was originally derived from the Latin word aemulus, which referred to equal or rival. Used as a patronymic surname in Roman families, the name has since spread throughout Europe and is now regarded as a popular given name as well.

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Aemilius: Where does the name Aemilius come from?

The last name Aemilius is most commonly found in Sicily, Italy. This is due to the Roman expansion into the region in the 3rd century A.D. Sicily was the first province outside of Italy to be brought under Roman command, and the soldiers who fought these battles were often rewarded by being granted land and being given the title of Aemilius, which was a recognisable honorific surname.

The Aemilius surname can be found all around the world today in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Germany. This name is especially popular within the Sicilian diaspora, as immigrants may have taken this surname to their new country.

In Sicily itself, the surname can be seen in many villages and towns throughout the island. It is especially common in the old Roman towns of Agrigento, Castromarina, Enna, and Syracuse, as these areas were amongst the first to be populated by the Romans, and so the Aemilius surname is seen here more than anywhere else.

The Aemilius surname is still alive and well in Italy, and can be found in documents such as baptismal records, marriage certificates, and public registers. The same can be said for the other countries where the surname can be seen, and it is likely that this name has been passed down for many generations now.

Variations of the surname Aemilius

The surname Aemilius can be spelled as Aemilian, Amilian, Amelian, Aemillian, and Amelius. It is derived from the Roman family name Aemilius, and is thought to be derived from the Latin word aemulus, meaning, 'rival'.

Aemilius is a surname originating from Italy, but it can be found in many countries including France, Spain, and Britain. In France, it is spelled Émile, and Émelé in Spain. In Britain, it is spelled as Emmils, Emmills, and Emmiles.

Variants of the surname include Amilianus, Aemiles, Aemiliistes, Aemilista, and Ameliyus. In Italy, the surname can also appear as Amelio, Aemolo, Emelio, and Emilian.

Other spellings or variants include Ameliy, Aamliy, Aamiy, Aemelius, Amilius, Aemelin, Aemelinus, Amilius, Amelii, Emelius, Aemilio, Amilio, Amelii, and Emilio.

There are many variants of this surname, in different countries and in different languages, but they all share the same root. This surname may be rare in the English-speaking world, but many families around the world still claim it as a part of their heritage.

Famous people with the name Aemilius

  • Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus: He was a military commander and politician of the Roman Republic. He was consul of the Roman Republic in 182 BC and a celebrated general responsible for ending the Third Macedonian War.
  • Fabius Aemilianus: He was a Roman politician and military leader who rose to prominence in the late 2nd century AD. He was renowned for his successful campaigns against the Germanic tribes in Germania and is one of the few Roman generals to have achieved victory after defeat in battle.
  • Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus: He was a Roman senator and consul in the 2nd century BC. He is the brother of the Roman consul Paullus.
  • Lucius Aemilius Regillus: He was a soldier in the Roman army and the founder of the Aemilii family.
  • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus: He was a Roman statesman from the late 2nd century BC. He was the son of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who was a triumvir of Rome, and the father of another triumvir, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.
  • Julius Aemilius Paulus Macedonicus: He was a soldier and politician of the Roman Republic who was active in the Third Macedonian War from 177 BC to 167 BC. He was the first Roman commander to win a major victory against a foreign king in a fully pitched battle.
  • Julius Aemilius Veriga: He was a Roman general of the 3rd century AD. He was one of the last commanders of the Roman army in the war against the Sassanid Empire.
  • Aemilius Regillus: He was a Roman consul in the 2nd century BC. He is known for his military successes and political appointments.

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