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Surname Affitt - Meaning and Origin

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Affitt: What does the surname Affitt mean?

The last name Affitt is an English patronymic surname derived from the name Aelfred. The name itself is a derivative of two Anglo-Saxon elements, ‘aelf’ meaning ‘elf’ and `fred’ meaning ‘peace’, making the literal translation of Affitt mean ‘elf peace’. This suggests that the surname may have been used to describe an individual who was seen as noble or peaceful, such as a leader or ruler in the community.

As a patronymic surname, the Affitt surname likely indicates a person who is the descendant of an ancestor named Aelfred. This surname could have been used to differentiate one individual from another with the same name or could reflect the distinguishing characteristics of the original Aelfred.

The Affitt surname appears in records throughout the 19th century, primarily in the counties of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in England. The surname likely migrated to the United States and other parts of the Commonwealth in the late 19th and early 20th century with English emigrants looking to start a new life.

Today, the Affitt surname is used throughout the English-speaking world, with its spelling varying from country to country. People with the Affitt surname are to be found in the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

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Affitt: Where does the name Affitt come from?

The last name Affitt (also spelled Affitti or Affitte) is a habitational surname of Italian origin, which has been primarily found in southern Italy. This name is derived from a place name, usually a small village. Today, the last name Affitt is common in both Italy and the United States.

In Italy, the name is more concentrated in the following regions: Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo, Umbria, Calabria, Cassino, and Frosinone. In most of these regions, there are several villages or areas that derived this surname. It is believed that the last name is most common in the Lazio region however this is difficult to definitively confirm.

In the United States, the last name Affitt can be found in the following states: New York, California, and Louisiana. As immigration policies changed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, many members of this surname moved to different regions of the US. According to the 2019 United States Census, there are approximately 600 individuals living in the USA with the last name Affitt. This number is likely to have increased due to interracial marriages, adoptions, and other forms of migration.

Since the surname is derived from a place name, it can have different spellings or versions of the name depending on the region or country. As such, it is possible to find people with this surname in other parts of the world as well, including the Philippines, Tunisia, and Spain.

Variations of the surname Affitt

The surname Affitt has a few different spellings and variants, each derived from the same origin. The most common variant of Affitt is Affit, which is the French spelling of the surname. Affitt can also be spelled as Affet, Aifet, Aiffet, Affete, Aiffete, Aoffit, Auffitt, although these spellings are less common. It is also a patronymic surname, meaning that it originated as a surname which was derived from the father’s given name. Variations of Affitt include Affitti, Affitto, Affittu, Affittuccio and Affetto.

The surname Affitt is believed to have originated in an area of Northern Italy known as the Friuli region, which is located near the countries of Austria and Slovenia. The name was likely derived from the local dialect of Friulano and is thought to mean “someone who lives near a signpost”. Today, Affitt is found mostly in Italy and other parts of Europe.

Affitt is also a relatively rare surname in the United States. It is believed to have been brought over by immigrants who came to the States from Italy in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is most common in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

In summary, the surname Affitt has several different spellings, variants, and patronymic surnames. It is believed to have originated in the Friuli region of Northern Italy and is mostly found in parts of Europe and the United States, specifically New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

Famous people with the name Affitt

  • Sally Affitt: She is an American academic and businesswoman. She is renowned for her insights into the trends and challenges of the global business landscape, having earned her Ph.D. in International Business from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.
  • Brandon Affitt: He is an American political scientist, specializing in contemporary international relations, foreign policy and global security. He has a PhD from the University of California: Berkeley and has published various books and articles, including Foreign Policy Decision Making.
  • David Affitt: An Australian actor and producer, David Affitt has appeared in numerous movies and television shows including the hit Australian Drama Show ‘Offspring’.
  • William Affitt: An English rugby player who currently plays for Gloucester in the English Premiership League. He has also played for the England Saxons and the England Under-20 side.
  • Jordan Affitt: An American baseball player by the name of Jordan Affitt currently plays minor league baseball in the United States. He previously played college baseball for the University of Florida and is a two-time all-star.
  • Jack Affitt: He is an English actor and musician and is most widely known for his past role in the long running British television series, Midsomer Murders.
  • Jada Affitt: An American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jada Affitt is the founder of the technology company 'Gismely' and the executive director of the 'Gismely Foundation'. She has also received an honorary Doctorate from the University of Oxford for her work in technology and philanthropy.

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