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Surname Affley - Meaning and Origin

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Affley: What does the surname Affley mean?

The last name Affley is of Irish origin and is derived from an ancient Gaelic sept known as Mac Aonghusa. The Gaelic form of the name was "Mac Aonghusa," which means "son of Aonghus," a popular name among the ancient Irish. This sept was based in the east of Ireland and were descended from Aonghus, who was the son of the legendary Niall of the Nine Hostages.

The surname itself appears to have been used primarily in County Monaghan and County Louth, as well as in County Cork and County Laois. The family are believed to have come to prominence in the 12th century or thereabouts. They were successful enough to produce a branch in the Uí Néill dynasty.

The Affley name is thought to be a variant of the MacAuliffe name, and is possibly derived from the Olde Irish word "Mac Con Ailbhe," which means "son of the follower of Albhe." This may have been referring to their ancestor Aonghus, who was the son of Niall.

The Affley surname is not widespread in modern Ireland, but it is still quite common in some areas. In addition to its appearance in Ireland, the name also appears in its various forms in a number of other countries. In recent years, it has been increasingly used in the United States, Canada, and even Australia.

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Affley: Where does the name Affley come from?

The last name Affley is quite rare today, with only a few thousand individuals worldwide bearing this surname.

The name Affley is most common today in Canada, where around 500 individuals have this name. Affley is also found in smaller numbers in the United States, South Africa, India, and the United Kingdom, among other countries. Very few people outside these countries have the last name Affley.

In Canada, the name Affley is most commonly found in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. This suggests that this surname may have originated in one of these provinces, given the concentration of Affleys there today.

Affley is also an unusual surname in that it may derive from more than one root name. For instance, it is thought to be a combination of the Scottish surname “Affleck” with the Irish word “ley”, meaning “projecting height”. This suggests that the surname may have originated with a family that lived on a prominent hill or other high place.

It is also possible that the name may have come from another root, such as the French surname “Afflard”. Given its rarity, it is difficult to definitively determine the origin of the Affley surname.

The name Affley is relatively rare today, but small numbers of individuals with this surname can be found in several countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Affley

The surname Affley is a variant of the English surname Auliffe with an origin that is believed to trace back to the 12th century in Ireland. Early records indicate the name was first found in County Kildare where several prominent branches emerged in 13th century. The name is derived from the Gaelic word “Octha”, which describes a hollow or a low lying area. Other spellings and variants include Affla, Afflay, Afly, Auffley, O'Tuffy, O'Tuathail, O'Toffey, O'Tuffe, and Tuathail.

The Affla spelling is the most common variant in Ireland and likely evolved as a slight variation of the O’Tuathail spelling. Similarly, the Afflay and Afly spellings appear to have originated during the mid-19th century in most parts of Ireland and is most prominent in the County Cavan.

In some parts of Europe, the surname Auffley is said to be derived from the French word for doorkeeper or gatekeeper, while O’Tuffy, Tuathail, and O’Toffey all appear to have originated in County Galway during the late 17th century as a result of migration. Today, these variations of Affley are still found in parts of Ireland, as well as in much of Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

The Affley surname is an uncommon one and is still used in many parts of the world. While some of the variants listed are rarely seen today, others may be used interchangeably with the surname Affley. Thus, these variants can be seen as derivatives of the original name.

Famous people with the name Affley

  • Ryan Affleck: Actor, Director, Producer
  • James Affleck: English actor and musician
  • Naomi Affleck: British actress
  • Robert Affleck: American director, producer, writer and actor
  • William Affley: American politician
  • Mark Affley: British professional darts player
  • Sean Affley: Australian music producer, composer, and recording artist
  • Jackie Affley: English actress
  • Karen Affley: English author
  • Ricardo Affley: American painter and multimedia sculptor

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