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Surname Afflick - Meaning and Origin

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Afflick: What does the surname Afflick mean?

The last name Afflick is of English origin. It is derived from the Old French word 'afeler', meaning 'to be greedy'. This suggests that the original bearer of the name was a person of strong appetite or perhaps one of great ambition.

The name is recorded in English records dating back to the 12th century. It is thought that the name has been in use in England since at least 1150. The earliest recorded spelling of the surname is found in the Hundred Rolls of 1273. In this document, Geoffrey Afeler is listed as a tenant in Buckinghamshire.

The name Afflick could also have an origin from the French de Florek, meaning ‘one who lives in the open or the free air'. This may refer to a person who lived in an area with open fields, as opposed to one who lived in an enclosed village.

Today, the last name Afflick refers to the descendants of the original bearer of the name. It is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and the United States.

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Afflick: Where does the name Afflick come from?

The last name Afflick is of English origin, and it is most commonly found today in the United Kingdom. According to the 2020 UK census, Afflick was one of the four most common surnames in London, ranking 6,819th overall in the country.

In the United States, Afflick is less common but still found in certain areas. There is a notable concentration of Afflicks along the Eastern Seaboard, in states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

In addition, it’s not an uncommon name in other parts of the world. Afflick is well represented in the West African country of Ghana, and it is also present in Jamaica, Australia, and other places. It has also been noted in other parts of the world, including Germany, France, and other European countries.

Although the Afflick surname originated in England centuries ago, it has remained popular and recognizable throughout the world. It is likely to remain so for many years to come, as people continue to bear the Afflick name and pass it on to their descendants.

Variations of the surname Afflick

The surname Afflick is derived from the Middle English phrase "aflich." Afflick is an Anglo-Saxon name, suggesting locality or habitation. The name is believed to have originated from one of several places named Aflick, which are situated in Scotland, England, and the Netherlands. Throughout history, the spelling of the name has varied greatly; the most common spellings today include Affleck, Afflick, Affleck, Aufleck, Afflick, Aflick, Auffleck, and Oflick.

Historically, Affleck was most common in Scotland and Northern England, and the name has since become widespread across the globe. A notable bearer of the Afflick surname is Scottish actor and director, Ben Affleck. In some cases, the spelling of the surname has been changed slightly. For example, Aflik and Auflek are seen in some locations, as well as110 different spellings, including Ouflyk.

Alternative surnames which have derived from the same Anglo-Saxon root include OFFLEY, Offly, Anflick, Anflicke, Afflek, Aflek, Aflyk, Aulfelk, Aulfolk, Oufelk, and Offelk. These surnames are believed to be related to the same geographical origin, and may be used interchangeably.

The Afflick surname has undergone many variations over the years, but the core meaning has remained consistent. It is a locative name, which refers to the geographical origin of the person with the surname. This suggests a strong connection to the place of birth and to the family’s ancestral roots. Despite its many variants, the Afflick surname has remained a strong and distinct family name into the present day.

Famous people with the name Afflick

  • John Afflick: Canadian-born vocalist, composer, and music educator.
  • Jacques Afflick: Fashion illustrator, designer, and textile artist.
  • Tricia Afflick: Canadian actress and acting coach.
  • Patricia Afflick: UK-based fashion designer.
  • Abe Afflick: American entrepreneur and business executive.
  • Sydney Afflick: American theater and film actor.
  • Richard Afflick: English-born television producer, screenwriter, and actor.
  • Brian Afflick: British fashion designer and photographer.
  • Linda Afflick: English-born actress, singer, and dancer.
  • Garret Afflick: Canadian film composer and musician.

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