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Surname Agilar - Meaning and Origin

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Agilar: What does the surname Agilar mean?

The surname Agilar is of Spanish origin and it has multiple meanings mainly depicting characteristics or occupations of individuals. The name is thought to be linked with the word "agile", emphasizing swiftness or agility. Another interpretation derives from a modification of the Spanish word "aguilero" which means "eagle", denoting strength, power, or wisdom. In a different context, it may also have derived from “agricola” meaning "farmer", indicating a person's occupation. The surname is common in Spain, Latin America, and the Philippines, and like other surnames, it may have evolved in spelling and pronunciation in different regions.

Agilar: Where does the name Agilar come from?

The surname Agilar appears to be of Spanish origin. It appears to be a variant of "Aguilar", which is a habitational name drawn from several places named Aguilar, found in multiple regions of Spain. The term "Aguilar" translates to "haunt of eagles" or "eagle's cliff".

The surname is distributed worldwide, through centuries of travel, exploration, and diaspora. It can be found in Latin America due to historic Spanish colonization, particularly in countries like Mexico and the Philippines, where Spain had influence.

In the United States, the name is found predominantly in the states of California, Texas, and New York, likely related to Hispanic migration patterns. There is also some trace of this name in Europe, particularly Spain. Overall, it is more common in Spanish-speaking countries or regions with significant Hispanic populations.

Variations of the surname Agilar

The surname Agilar has Hispanic roots, but can also be traced back to Middle Eastern origins, particularly in Morocco. It can be spelled in a variety of ways depicting similar phonetic influence. Some of these variants include Aguila, Aguilar, Aguillar, Aguilera, Aquilar, Aqilar and Agilara among others.

In some instances, surnames are linked to geographical locations. Aguilar, for example, refers to 'dweller near an eagle's haunt.' This is derived from the Latin word “Aquila” which means 'Eagle.' Over the years, letter transitions have resulted in spelling changes without affecting the origin.

Surnames like Aguilar could be further personalized by appending more identifiers like a patronymic, a profession or a geographical feature. Therefore, variations such as Aguilar-Gomez, Aguilar del Rio, etc. may exist.

Whilst spelling changes are common, it is also possible that different surnames could have been translated or transcribed incorrectly into other languages, hence creating more variants of the surname. The surname Agilar, for instance, could have been recorded as Akelaar in Dutch archives.

The various forms of Agilar are a reflection of historical and cultural shifts, migrations, and the changing nature of languages.

Famous people with the name Agilar

  • Emma Aguilar: Colombian Super Star.
  • Patricio Aguilar: Colombian entrepreneur and investor.
  • Iván Aguilar: Spanish soccer player.
  • Alina Aguilar: Cuban televisions personality.
  • Héctor Aguilar: Mexican actor.
  • Jesús Aguilar: Venezuelan singer and actor.
  • Andrés Aguilar: Puerto Rican actor.
  • Javier Aguilar: Chilean Olympic and professional soccer player.
  • Catalina Aguilar: Nicaraguan actress.
  • Carlos Aguilar: Dominican Republic footballer.
  • Luis Aguilar: Mexican actor.
  • Francisco Aguilar: Mexican singer-songwriter.
  • Karyme Aguilar: Mexican singer.
  • Marco Antonio Aguilar: Salvadoran footballer.
  • Omar Aguilar: Mexican professional baseball player.
  • David Aguilar: Spanish singer-songwriter and producer.
  • Maxi Aguilar: Uruguayan singer-songwriter.
  • Jorge Aguilar: Argentine racecar driver.
  • Víctor Aguilar: Spanish cinematographer.
  • Miguel Aguilar: Spanish mathematician.

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