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Surname Aidus - Meaning and Origin

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Aidus: What does the surname Aidus mean?

The surname Aidus is thought to be derived from the pre-seventeenth century personal name “Ade” or “Ayde”. This name would have been somewhat popular in certain areas of England as early as the 13th century. In Old English, Ade was a byname or nickname given to any person who was “fortunate” or “prosperous”, likely indicative of their relative wealth or importance, or another desirable quality such as cleverness or wisdom. As a result, Aidus would have been a fairly common occupational surname for individuals in professions which provided those desirable qualities. Examples include carpenter, merchant, physician, or teacher.

Given the old English form's meaning, the surname could also indicate the fact that a person's family had a great fortune for many generations. The exaltation of this good fortune is likely the reason why most modern bearers of the Aidus surname are of European descent, as they likely share a common ancestor who was well respected and/or wealthy throughout their lifetime.

Today, individuals with the surname Aidus can often be found in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. It is not an incredibly common surname, however, making Aidus a unique name in comparison to most traditionally English surnames. It is a reminder of a past of prosperity and respect for those bygone ancestors who built their fortunes and legacies in times gone by.

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Aidus: Where does the name Aidus come from?

The surname Aidus is most commonly found in India and the United Kingdom. In India, the name is derived from the Tamil word ‘aadais’, meaning ‘divine spirit’. The surname is most populous in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, with around 4,000 bearers. Elsewhere in India, there are small concentrations of Aidus in Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

In the United Kingdom, the Aidus surname is thought to originate from the pre-conquest Norman name "Aide". It is distributed throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, with the highest concentrations found in the county of Somerset in England, and Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.

The Aidus surname is also found in parts of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia. The spelling can vary slightly, with Aidu, Aidee, and Ede used less commonly. Overall, the surname has a relatively low global population of less than 10,000 people.

Variations of the surname Aidus

The surname Aidus is derived from the Old German name Adalheid or Athalheid, which means “noble kind”. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include:



















The variants of Aidus are quite common throughout Europe and the United States, with many individuals bearing any one of these names in different countries. The English variant of this name is Aid, while the French version is Aide.

The surname Aidus is found mostly in Germany and nearby countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, and France. It is also found in countries such as Russia, Belarus, and the United States.

In the U.S., the spelling of the surname may be seen as Adah, Aida, or Aydous. The Dutch variation of this name is Adelheid. The Swedish version is Athalheid, while the Spanish version is Ayda.

The variations of surnames and spellings are vast and varied. A multitude of different forms of these surnames exist, making it difficult to discern which ones are the same as the surname Aidus. Despite the differences in spelling, many of these surnames and spellings are rooted in the same origin and can be traced back to the same source.

Famous people with the name Aidus

  • Roberto Aidus: Venezuelan actor, director, producer, and playwright
  • Melina Aidus: Brazilian actress and model
  • Zohar Aidus: Israeli photographers and filmmaker
  • Fannah Aidus: Lebanese-Palestinian social activist
  • Malabika Aidus: Indian film actress and television personality
  • Anna Aidus: Russian journalist, television presenter and editor
  • Mehmet Aidus: Turkish fashion designer and founder of Aidus-Grup
  • Aleksandr Aidus: Belarusian opera singer
  • Rubén Aidus: Cuban musician and composer
  • Nino Aidus: Georgian singer and actor

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