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Discovering my Scottish Roots: A Voyage of Self-Exploration with the iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Aiken

In a quest to discover unknown facets of personal ancestry and lineage, I embarked on a journey with the iGENEA DNA test. Drawing fascinating details about my surname and forging connections with members of the Aiken family, the experience was nothing short of a revelation.

My tryst with the iGENEA DNA test was nothing short of fascinating. All my life, I've known that my surname, Aiken, originated from Scotland, predominantly from the Ayrshire region. However, the iGENEA DNA test went a step further by offering intriguing details about my genetics, ancestry, and a comprehensive overview of the Aiken lineage that I was unaware of until now.

Avoiding technical jargon, the test results were delivered in a user-friendly format, with extensive information about my DNA makeup and ethnic composition. It was a revelation to learn that 80% of my ancestry leaned towards Northwestern Europe. The highlights of the report stated that I likely belong to the R1b haplogroup, which is fascinatingly prevalent in Western Europe, thus affirming my Scottish roots.

More specifically, I uncovered that the Aiken surname has strong connections to the historical Gaelic clan system and was likely associated with Clan MacKay, known for their strong presence in the northern parts of Scotland. This exciting revelation created a connection to a part of history that I was barely aware of.

One of the salient features of iGENEA’s services was the access to a vast database allowing us to search for DNA matches and possibly connect with distant relatives. Although there were numerous individuals with the shared surname of Aiken, there were slight variations in the spellings, all this solidifying the evolution theory. Although it took some time, I did manage to connect with a few Aikens, and we're currently in the process of understanding our shared history and mapping our common ancestors.

In retrospect, the iGENEA DNA test acted as a conduit, bridging the gap between my present and the past, enhancing my understanding of my own identity. It was an intuitive and informative experience that has sparked a newfound interest in genealogy, thanks to the comprehensible results and professional services.

T. Aiken

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