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Surname Aikenhead - Meaning and Origin

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Aikenhead: What does the surname Aikenhead mean?

The last name Aikenhead is an old Scottish surname which has its origins rooted in Scotland’s southeastern regions. The literal meaning of the name is “oak head” or "head of the oak tree". It is believed to have been derived from a place name and was originally used to denote a person who lived near an oak tree. This is also suggested by the spelling variants such as Aickenhead and Aikenheid.

In Scotland, surnames became more commonly used during the 14th century, as they were used to keep records in Scotland’s burghs and parishes. At this same time, the surname Aikenhead began to appear in records and it is still commonly used in Scotland today.

The Aikenhead clan is still a recognized clan today. The clan traditionally had its own tartan and gathering, but these gatherings are now less common. Though some have moved away from Scotland, the Aikenhead name can still be found across Scotland today and is still associated with the same areas that the family originally came from.

The Aikenhead family has a long history in Scotland and its surname has stood the test of time. Additionally, it is still used by hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Scotland and beyond.

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Aikenhead: Where does the name Aikenhead come from?

The last name Aikenhead is most commonly found today in Scotland and Australia. Many of these Scots were farmers, miners, or workers in the wool industry.

The name originated in a place called Aikenhead, which is now a suburb of the Scottish city of Glasgow.

In the mid-1800s, many of the Aikenhead family immigrated to the Canadian province of Ontario. At that time, they were mainly farmers and factory workers. As they moved to different areas of the country, their name spread further throughout Canada.

Australia is home to many Aikenheads today. Most arrived from the UK in the 1800s, while some are more recent arrivals. Their main occupation was farming, or working in the coal industry.

Today, Aikenheads have spread to North America, South Africa, New Zealand, India, and even as far as Argentina.

Overall, the name Aikenhead is still quite common throughout the English-speaking world, due to its origins in the British Isles and the many waves of immigration since then.

Variations of the surname Aikenhead

Aikenhead is a surname of Scottish origin, typically found in the towns of Ayrshire, a historic county in the southwest region of Scotland. Variants of the Aikenhead surname include Atkinhead, Aikinhead, Atkinhead and Aitkinhead. Spellings of the surname Aikenhead can include: Aikenhead, Akenhead, Aikinhead, Aitkinhead, Akinhead, Atykenhead, Aickenhead, Ackenhead, Aikkenhead, Atkinshead and Atkinshade.

The Aikenhead name is associated with the larger clan of Atkin (from the Scottish name Aitkin). Other associated surnames include MacAtkin, Ackin, Atkins and MacAdin. Variations of these could include MacAitkin, MackAtkins, MakAtkins or Akin.

Modern versions of the name Aikenhead can also include Aiken, Aken, Akins, Akin, Atkins, Atkins, Mackin, MacAtkin and Mackie. Other minor variations can include Akkin, Akens, Akinas and Akint.

Originally derived from the Middle English word aikin (meaning oak), this surname could also have been derived from a place name such as Akenhead, a town in the county of Northumberland. In some cases, the Aikenhead name may have also been derived from locations with the prefix ‘Aiken’, such as the Aikenhead town in Scotland, or Aikenhead parish in Ayrshire.

In some cases, the Aikenhead name may also have been used as a patronymic, deriving from the given name "Aiken". This could refer to individuals whom were named after their ancestor or father with the same name.

In conclusion, the Aikenhead surname is comprised of a wide range of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. All of which derive from the Middle English word aikin, can refer to a geographical location or patronymic of the given name Aiken.

Famous people with the name Aikenhead

  • John Aikenhead: Leeds Beckett University Professor and Doctor of Science specializing in medical research.
  • Tim Aikenhead: Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, and Meditation coach.
  • Judge Hugh Aikenhead: Scottish Judge who served as a Justice of the Supreme Courts of Scotland from 2002: 2015.
  • William Aikenhead: Canadian Freemason who was the Grand Master of Manitoba from 1891-1892.
  • Alice Aikenhead: Disciples of Christ minister and educator from Georgia who founded the Alice Aikenhead Home in Rome, Georgia.
  • Charles Aikenhead: Scottish Geologist who published several works on the geology of Fife, Scotland.
  • Adam Aikenhead: CEO and founder of the property development company Aikenhead Limited.
  • Chris Aikenhead: Pop/Indie Singer-Songwriter hailing from the U.K.
  • Dr. Ian Aikenhead: Renowed Retinal Surgeon who has worked in Canada and the U.K.
  • Laura Aikenhead CBE: Former Director of the National Lifeboat Institution, Scottish Businesswoman of the Year, and Dame Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

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