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Surname Alaister - Meaning and Origin

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Alaister: What does the surname Alaister mean?

Alaister is a Scottish surname derived from the name Alexander, or from its diminutive form, Alastair. The name Alexander itself is derived from the Greek “alexo” meaning “to defend” or “to help” and “andros” meaning “man”. Many names with the Alexander root have become popular around the world.

There are various interpretations of the name Zalaister, with Scottish Gaelic origins. It is thought to mean “fair” or “defender of the people”. Other interpretations relate it to “alexandria”, meaning “defender of mankind”. Still another suggestion is the Orcadian interpretation, which translates “Alaister” as “defender of the isle”, referring to the islands of Scotland.

The first recorded nameholder of the surname in Scotland was Isabella Alaister who was christened in Parie, Fife, in 1485. The Vienna-born British historian Tracy Borman suggested that the first ever recorded user of the surname may have been Alexander de Quharess, recorded as being a witness to a document in 1286.

Originally, the name Alaister was most frequent in the northeast of Scotland, in particular in Aberdeenshire and Aberfoyle, but since the 19th century has spread to many other locations around the world. It is particularly popular in the United States where people with the surname are widely spread.

The surname Alaister is an interesting name with various interpretations of its origin and meaning. With its spread around the world, it is sure to remain a well liked and well-used name for generations to come.

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Alaister: Where does the name Alaister come from?

The last name Alaister is quite an interesting one, and is predominantly found in the United Kingdom and its associated territories. In areas such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England, the surname Alaister is quite prevalent especially amongst those with Scottish heritage. With a French origin, the name could also be seen in pockets of French Canada and some parts of the United States that have a large Scottish expatriate population.

The spelling of the name slightly varied over the years, with various alterations that included; Allister, Allester, Alester, and Waylister. In Scotland, it was commonly used as a variant of the phrase MacAlaister, which is the Gaelic form of the surnames McAllister and MacAllister. Other variants of the name include McCalister, McAlister, MacAlister, and MacAllister, all of which carry dark history within the Scottish heritage and culture.

Despite the name originating from Scotland, it also traveled with tourists and travelers to other parts of the world, as they spread it across the globe. Some of the countries where it can be found today include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. These locations have significant Scottish expatriate populations, thus making the surname Alaister a regular sighting amongst the locals.

Overall, the last name Alaister is quite commonly found in the United Kingdom, its associated territories, and other parts of the world with strong Scottish populations. For centuries, the name has traveled well and is still used by many today. It is a great way to honor a culture steeped in history, and shows a wonderful link to the past.

Variations of the surname Alaister

Alaister is a variant spelling of the traditional Scottish name, Alastair. It is a Celtic name, believed to have originated from the personal name of the Pictish king, Ailchocheir.

The name Alastair is thought to be derived from the Gaelic 'Ail as tìre', meaning 'rock butler'. It is sometimes anglicised to mean 'Protector of Mankind'.

There are many other variants and spellings of the surname Alaister, including:

Alaster – The archaic spelling of the name.

Alastare – Another archaic spelling of the name.

Alistair/Alicster/Allister – Modern variants of Alastair.

Alazair – A more modern spelling of the name.

These alternative spellings of the name Alaister can also be found as surnames. Some of the most common surname spellings include:

Alasdair – Anglicised form of the Scottish Gaelic spelling of Alastair.

Alasdair – Narrangansett version, also written as Allaster.

Allaster/Allistair – Anglicised form of the name, used in many British surnames.

Allester/Alloger – Medieval variant used as surname.

Allister/Alister – Modern variant of Alastair, mainly used as a surname.

Alaster/Alastry/Alastar/Alaister – These spellings have all been used as surnames throughout history.

The main variants of the name Alaister, and its associated surnames, provide a wealth of history and ancestry. The links to the Pictish king Ailchocheir, and the Gaelic origins of the name, reflect a strong sense of Scottish heritage that many with the surname Alasdair proudly uphold.

Famous people with the name Alaister

1.Daniel Alaïster, a former professional French tennis player. 2.James Alaïster, an English television actor, best known for his leading roles in Outlander and Once Upon a Time. 3.Alexander Alaïster, a Scottish professional basketball player. 4.Robert Alaïster, a Southern California real estate developer and philanthropist. 5.John Alaïster, a British theatre director, and the current artistic director of the Ustinov Studio at Theatre Royal Bath. 6.Colin Alaïster, a former Scottish footballer. 7.Ammon Alaïster, an American poet, from the New York Review of Books. 8.Donald Alaïster, a British geologist and physicist, and a professor at the University of Edinburgh. 9.Serena Alaïster, a British fashion designer, best known for her Lady Gaga-inspired ensembles. 10.Catherine Alaïster, a British-American actress, best known for her lead roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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