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Surname Alban - Meaning and Origin

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Alban: What does the surname Alban mean?

The last name of Alban has its roots in the Latin word 'alianus' which is translated to mean 'having a foreign character'. Alban is often thought to originate in Celtic or British areas, as it is a popular last name in parts of Wales and Scotland. It is believed that 'Alban' could be derived from the ancient Celtic word 'Albain', meaning 'white'.

The first written record of the surname can be found in the Latin writings of the 11th century when it referred to someone with a foreign-sounding name. There is also speculation that the name Alban is derived from the Norman-French word 'albaner', which literally means 'a foreigner'.

Alban is a name widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries, particularly in Ireland, Scotland, and England. In Scotland the name is of Norman origin, and popular among the noble Campbell family. It is also a common name in Wales, where it is derived from the old Welsh word 'albans', which means 'warrior'.

Alban has also been adopted as a first name for both sexes in recent years, thanks to its welcoming, exotic aura. It can be seen as a charming and distinctive alternative. It is a popular choice for baby names too, due to the strength and uniqueness it provides.

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Alban: Where does the name Alban come from?

The last name Alban is most commonly found in Western Europe. Albania is the country in which the last name is most popular, with 40% of the population sharing it. Albanian immigrants brought the name with them to other countries, especially to the United States, where there is an estimated 323,000 people with the last name, and to Italy, where it is the 59th most common name. Outside of Europe, Alban is the 61st most common name in Australia.

The last name Alban is also common in England and Canada, as well. There are nearly 100,000 people with the name in England, and approximately 6,000 in Canada. The last name is not found as often in other Anglophone countries, such as Ireland, Scotland, and New Zealand.

It's also quite popular in Slovenia, where it ranks at number 47 in terms of prevalence. Other parts of Europe where the last name is common are Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, France, and Bulgaria.

The last name Alban is found primarily among Christians, although there are some who practice Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism as well. Despite being first established in Albania, Albanians are found in many countries today, with the last name being common throughout much of the world.

Variations of the surname Alban

The surname Alban has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Variant Spellings

Aubron, Allban, Albain

Surnames of the Same Origin

MacAlban, McAlban, MacAlbain, McAlbain, Allban, Aubron

The surname Alban is derived from the Latin name Albinus, which literally translates to "white". It is thought to be related to the name of Britain's earliest settlers, the Belgae, who were a Celtic tribe.

The earliest known variant of Alban is found in the Domesday Book (1086) of Norfolk, England, and is spelled Allban. Over the following centuries, the surname evolved and can now be found in various spellings, including Alban, Albain, MacAlban, McAlban, MacAlbain, McAlbain, and Aubron.

While all of these variants stem from the same origin, it is thought that MacAlban and McAlban are most closely related to the ancient form of Alban, while Aubron is thought to have originated in southern France.

Despite the variations in spelling, these surnames all refer to the same origin. Those carrying the Alban, Albain or any of its variant surnames can trace their ancestries right back to the Belgae of Britain.

Famous people with the name Alban

  • Arben Alban: Footballer
  • Nardi Alban: Footballer
  • Marigona Alban: Basketballer
  • Shyqyri Alban: Footballer
  • Mërgim Alban: Footballer
  • Korab Alban: Actor
  • Behar Alban: Footballer
  • Gezim Alban: Basketballer
  • Dita Alban: Artist
  • Silviu Alban: Footballer
  • Bajram Alban: Footballer
  • Turhan Alban: Journalist
  • Altun Alban: Footballer
  • Hilmi Alban: Footballer
  • Ismet Alban: Politician
  • Borane Alban: Footballer
  • Krenar Alban: Footballer
  • Demir Alban: Swimmer
  • Berat Alban: Footballer
  • Fatos Alban: Basketballer

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