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Surname Alberding - Meaning and Origin

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Alberding: What does the surname Alberding mean?

The surname Alberding is believed to be of German and Dutch origin, with some members of the family also having French roots. The earliest occurrence of the name dates back to the 14th century, with the earliest known record being a man named Johannes Peter Alberding, recorded in a population register in Hanover, Germany in 1490.

The actual meaning of the word is not known for certain, however there are a few theories. Some point to the German 'berding', meaning a crossroads. This could suggest that the original holders of the Alberding surname may have come from or lived near a crossroads. It is also possible that the name could be derived from an old German phrase 'Alba herding', which literally translates to 'Elves shepherd'.

The Alberding name is still present in many countries today, from the Netherlands to the United States. Those with the Alberding surname are typically viewed as being ambitious, driven, and trustworthy.

Whether the original meaning of the surname has been lost in time or not, it is clear that the Alberding name is firmly rooted in German and Dutch heritage and has represented a base of family loyalty for generations.

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Alberding: Where does the name Alberding come from?

The last name Alberding is found mostly in Germany and the Netherlands today. It is actually one of the most common surnames in those countries. It first appeared in Germany in the early 1300s and quickly spread throughout much of Europe. The name itself is derived from the Germanic words alb (elf) and harting (brave).

In Germany, Alberding is fairly common throughout the northern and central regions. There are many family-names that share similar possibilities such as Albers of the Rhine region and Albing of the Oldenburg regions.

In the Netherlands, Alberding is a fairly popular name. It can be found in large numbers in the Limburg region and around Amsterdam. It is also fairly well represented in the other Netherlands provinces.

The Alberding name is even present in Sweden and Norway. It was used here particularly during the early medieval times.

Alberding is an old name, and it is still very prominent in parts of Europe. It is likely that it will remain so for a long time to come.

Variations of the surname Alberding

Alberding is a Germanic-origin surname, with numerous variants, spellings and related surnames. Variants of Alberding include Alberting, Albertin, Alberten, Alberthin, Alban, Alberdingk, and Albrink, which are all derived from Old High Germanic language elements meaning "noble, bright, brilliant," or "nobility." Other variants include Albert, Albrecht, Elbrecht, Elbert, Aalbers, Elbertse, Albrechts, and Alburtsen.

Surnames related to Alberding, meaning names that have a similar origin, include Albers, Alling, Allwarn, Putallaz, Altringer, Ailsworth, Anders, and Allenbach. These surnames are derived from similar Old High Germanic language elements, often including "al" or "alb," as well as words meaning "wise" or "counsel."

Other surnames of related origin and spelling may have crept in from Old English and Dutch language elements. For example, Allard, Allcott, Alliston, Alligood, Alrich, Aleson, Alsop, and Allsop are all variants of Alberding that have roots in Old English. Similarly, variants like Auburghe, Alburtis, Albrink, Albertson, Alpern, Alpers, and Alpicture carry the Dutch suffix “-burg,” meaning fortress.

Altogether, Alberding is a surname with a long history of variant spellings, related surnames, and evolving origins. Many of the surnames that are now related to Alberding have evolved from Old High Germanic language elements that signify nobility and wisdom. Other variants have been adopted from Old English and Dutch elements, carrying the common suffixes “-burg” and “-cott.”

Famous people with the name Alberding

  • Helena Alberding: Actress best known for her role in the German movie series “Die Mädels vom Immenhof”.
  • Franz Alberding:Germany's first female urinary catheterization expert, who also served as a caretaker for disabled people.
  • Johannes Alberding: Early 20th century German politician and president of the Social Democratic Party in the newly-formed Weimar Republic.
  • Kathy Alberding: American visual artist.
  • Franz Alberdingk Thijm: Dutch editor, magazine publisher and writer.
  • Herb Alberding: American baseball player, also known for coaching teams from 1957 to 1982.
  • Jonathan Alberding: Canadian theatre director and stage designer.
  • Nicholas Alberding: Dutch philosopher and Buddhist scholar.
  • Estelle Alberding: French fashion designer.
  • Ans Alberding-Hennebo: Dutch-American fairness expert, appointed in 2017 as an external member of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

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