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Surname Albertmann - Meaning and Origin

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Albertmann: What does the surname Albertmann mean?

The last name Albertmann is of German origin, and is derived from the name Albrecht, which is a form of the name Adalbert, meaning noble and bright. It is a combination of two German words, adal meaning ancestral nobility, and berta meaning bright.

The Albertmann family is believed to have its roots in Bavaria, Germany, where it can be found as early as the 14th century. It was a common last name in certain regions of Europe such as Bohemia, Austria, and Germany throughout the course of its history.

The meaning of the Albertmann family name is best described as being one of strength, knowledge, and nobility. This reflects the core values of the Albertmann family which have been embraced and passed down over generations. This is reaffirmed by the fact that members of the Albertmann family have contributed to a variety of causes, ranging from science and literature to medicine and philanthropy.

The Albertmann name is widely recognised for its contributions to culture and societal advancement. The family has made numerous contributions towards progress and upholding moral values, which is in line with its principles of strength, wisdom, and nobility. Albertmann is a family name that is associated with excellence and nobility and will continue to be for many generations to come.

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Albertmann: Where does the name Albertmann come from?

The last name Albertmann is most commonly found in Germany. It is sometimes found in places that have a large German diaspora, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In Germany, Albertmann is most commonly found around the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, though it is also found in several other states. The highest concentration is in the Hochtaunuskreis and Rhön-Grabfeld districts of the state of Bavaria, particularly with the towns of Bad Neustadt an der Saale and Schweinfurt.

In the United States, most Albertmann families can be found in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Illinois, along with New York, Missouri, and Ohio. There are also a small number found in California, Texas, and Florida.

In Australia, estimates show that there are around 2000 people with the Albertmann surname, with the majority of individuals living in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

The Albertmann family name is most likely derived from the Germanic words alf, which means “elf”, and hart, which means “brave” or “strong”, making it an apt choice for descendants of Germanic soldiers and warriors.

Variations of the surname Albertmann

Albertmann is a German surname derived from the compound personal name 'Albrecht' and 'mann', literally translating as "man of Albrecht". Albertmann is a patronymic name, meaning it was originally derived from the personal name of the father of the initial bearer. Common variant spellings of the surname Albertmann include Albrechtman, Albrechtmann, Allbrechtman, Allbrechtmann, Alperman, Alpermann, Alverman, Alvermann, and Aulperman.

The English spelling of this surname is commonly "Albertson" or "Alberts", both of which are derived from the German compound name above. In other countries, the surname has been adapted to their native languages. This includes the Polish version of the name, Albertyński, as well as the Latin variant, Albertianus. It has also been found in France as Albertman and as Aulbertman.

Other variants of Albertmann include Albrachtman, Albraman, Albrechtman, Albrektman, Albrichtman, Allbrachtman, Alvernman, Alvernmann, Aulpermann, and Aulbertmann. In some cases, other words are substituted for 'mann', such as 'mannen' or 'manin'.

It is not uncommon for the English version of this name to be shortened to Albert. Other shortened forms of this name include Aib, Albe, Albu, Albuh, Alby, Albrecht, Alpert, and Aul.

Famous people with the name Albertmann

  • Tulane University professor and professor emeritus of South Africa Leonard Albertmann
  • Swiss bobsledder, skeleton racer, and racing driver Peter Albertmann
  • German Nazi soldier and member of the Waffen-SS Karl Albertmann
  • German Catholic theologian and philosopher Johannes Albertmann
  • German dramatist and theater director Henning Albertmann
  • German jewish writer and poet Paul Albertmann
  • German prisoner of war in World War II Otto Albertmann
  • Nazi German general August Albertmann
  • Soccer player and goalkeeper Kurt Albertmann
  • German actor and director Werner Albertmann

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