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Surname Aldhous - Meaning and Origin

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Aldhous: What does the surname Aldhous mean?

The last name Aldhous is of English origin and has two possible meanings, both deriving from Anglo-Saxon and Old English words. The first interpretation of the name is that it is derived from the Old English words "eald," meaning "old," and "hūs," meaning "house." Accordingly, it could have been used as a topographic name to refer to a place that was an old or ancient house. Alternatively, the name could have referred to someone who spent their life at an old house, implying a long-term residence.

In terms of its etymology, the earliest record of the surname is from 1327 in Worcestershire, England. Over time, the surname made its way to other regions such as Scotland and the United States. Today, the surname is primarily found in the United States and is most prevalent in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The surname Aldhous is still used today as a given name and is even found in some places around the world as a form of an adopted name. Those with the last name Aldhous often share certain traits such as an appreciation for the past and a love for home and family. They are often seen as speaking symbols of wisdom, stability, and potential.

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Aldhous: Where does the name Aldhous come from?

The last name Aldhous is believed to have originated in England but is not particularly common today. It is most commonly found in the Midlands (counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire) and the East Midlands, particularly around Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, with much smaller concentrations around West and North Yorkshire. Many of the earliest records of the name were found in the Yorkshire area.

Aldhous is characterized as a somewhat rare surname and is thought to have little frequency across the globe, but there are families of this name residing in various parts of Europe, the United States, and other countries abroad, generally having migrated from England.

Aldhous is an occupational or locality name, derived from the Old English "aald" (old) and "hous" (residence), referring to someone who lived in an old, established dwelling. It is thought that the name would have been given to someone who settled in a place with an established name, such as a village or hamlet. Over time, the personal name became a surname and families carrying the name moved away from the original dwelling place.

The name Aldhous is relatively uncommon and there is often confusion with other similar-sounding surnames, such as Aldous and Ellwoods, however, the associated coat of arms of the family with the name Aldhous is recorded in the Hampshire and Bremen editions of the "Burke's General Armoury" - one of the most respected works on heraldry and family histories.

Variations of the surname Aldhous

The surname Aldhous is a variation of the surname Aldous, which originated in either England or Scotland in the late Middle Ages. It is believed to be derived from the Old English elements "eald" meaning "old," and "hus" meaning "house." It is also thought to have come from a place named Aldhouse, which was also derived from Old English and meant "old house."

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Aldhous are Aldous, Alldous, Alldhouse, Aldhauce, Aldehawse, Auldhouse, Auldhouse, Auldhus, Aldhouss, Althouse, Alldouss, Aldhawce, Aoldhouse, Aldouse, Aldouss, Aldhauzes, Aldhawes, and Aldhace.

The surname Aldhous has also led to many other surnames through partial changes or heavy influence. These surnames include Aldhiser, Althouse, Alhiser, Alldiser, Aldhiser, Aldestic, Alldastie, Aldestie, Auldhouse, Aldastie, Aldhagen, Aldhagen, Aldehawse, Alldhawse, Aldhozer, Aldehaser, Aldeasier, and Alder.

The minor variations of Aldhous are also found in some countries and in some regions of certain countries throughout the world. In Europe, these variations include Aldercroft in England, Aldahoose in Scotland, Aldhoosse or Aldhoose in Ireland, and Aldhause in Germany. In the United States, these variations include Aldhaser, Althouse, Aldhiser, Aldeasier, Alhiser, and Aldhagen.

Despite its various spellings and surnames, the Aldhous surname has maintained its core family lines and its association with the Old English elements “eald” and “hus.” The family surname is popular in many countries and its roots back to the Middle Ages remain a source of pride for many Aldhous descendants.

Famous people with the name Aldhous

  • Richard Aldhous: British journalist, author and professor
  • Barkley Aldhous: American actor
  • Jay Aldhous: British radio broadcaster
  • Michael Aldhous: British industrialist
  • Mark Aldhous: English landscape photographer
  • Mark Aldhous: British Junior Footballer
  • Graham Aldhous: British psychologist
  • Geoff Aldhous: British director and editor
  • Robert Aldhous: British botanist, writer and lecturer
  • Paul Aldhous: British geneticist and evolutionary biologist
  • Charlie Aldhous: American folk singer
  • John Aldhous: British screenwriter and novelist
  • Margaret Aldhous: British sculptor and etcher
  • Gavan Aldhous: British comedian and writer
  • Julie Aldhous: American clarinetist and composer
  • Sally Aldhous: American writer and costume designer
  • Heidi Aldhous: British publisher, journalist and marketer
  • Alistair Aldhous: British actor
  • David Aldhous: British fine art printmaker
  • Mike Aldhous: American basketball coach

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