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Surname Aldred - Meaning and Origin

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Aldred: What does the surname Aldred mean?

The surname Aldred is of old Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from a personal name and means "old counsel" or "wise counsel". The name is made up of two elements: the Old English pre 7th Century "Eald", meaning old, and "raed", meaning counsel, advice. It was a popular name in the Middle Ages due to a Saint Aldred who was a bishop of York from 685 to 705. Post this period, the use of this given name declined but it survived as a surname. There are a variety of spellings, including Aldritt, Eldred, Eldrett and others. So, someone bearing the last name Aldred could be seen as a wise, old soul, offering counsel and advice to those around them.

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Aldred: Where does the name Aldred come from?

The surname Aldred originates from the Old English personal name “Ealdraed,” which means “ancient counsel.” It was first used during the Middle Ages, and has since been Anglicized to its present forms, Aldred and Aldredge primarily. The name takes its roots from British history, specifically linked with the Anglo-Saxon tribes.

The surname spread across English-speaking countries following the Norman invasion and is most commonly found in England. The most significant concentration of people with the name Aldred can be found in the North West of England, especially in Lancashire. The name can also be traced in Yorkshire, Staffordshire, and Nottinghamshire. Over time, due to emigration and common use, the surname drifted to other English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Australia, and Canada, where it is still in use today. Despite its spread, it still remains relatively uncommon overall. Today, the largest number of individuals with the Aldred surname are found in the United Kingdom, followed by Australia, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Aldred

The surname Aldred originates from the Old English personal names Æthelræd or Aldred which mean “old counsel” or “sagely advice”. The surname has many variations and spellings, often depending on the geographical location or personal preference. These variations include Alderd, Algred, Alldred, Ealdred, Eldred, Ethelred, Eldrett, and Elldred.

Aldread is used primarily in Scotland and the North of England, whereas Aldred appears to be more common in the South of England. Alldread and Allred have been recorded in both England and America. In the past, Eldred and Aldred were used interchangeably.

Spelling variations during times when literacy was not common were frequent, due to the way that names were translated phonetically from spoken to written form. Therefore, many different spellings for Aldred can be found in historical records.

The variation Aldridge might have the same origin, although some sources suggest it could also come from a place name. As a surname, Aldredge is a less common variant. Given the migratory nature of people, the Aldred surname and its variants can be found in many countries worldwide.

Famous people with the name Aldred

  • Jim Aldred: an American actor.
  • Emma Aldred: a British singer.
  • Rob Aldred: an English footballer.
  • Chris Aldred: an English author.
  • Dave Aldred: a former English cricketer.
  • John Aldred: a British musician and conservationist.
  • Chris Aldred: an American film and television director, and producer.
  • John Aldred: an English actor and television presenter.
  • Andy Aldred: an English television actor.
  • Ray Aldred: an American professional wrestler.
  • Tom Aldred: an English footballer.
  • Graham Aldred: an English footballer.
  • Tony Aldred: an English cricket umpire.
  • Gillian Aldred: an English actor.
  • Timothy Aldred: an English actor.
  • Michael Aldred: a British military serviceperson.
  • Steve Aldred: an American baseball player.
  • Geoffrey Aldred: an English army officer.
  • George Aldred: an American politician.
  • Memo Aldred: an American wheelchair basketball player.

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