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Surname Aleite - Meaning and Origin

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Aleite: What does the surname Aleite mean?

The surname Aleite is derived from the name of the village of Aleite in Arezzo, Italy. The surname is believed to have been popularized by the "Bandino Aleite" family, who lived in the village during the 12th century. The name Aleite may have originated from "Aleona" which was an old country term for the settlement of that area.

The owners of the Aleite family coat of arms were known to be affluent and influential members of the local society, and were perhaps Knights or Governers of the environment.

Today, the surname Aleite is believed to be scattered around the world, and many individuals who identify with the name are believed to have Italian nationality or ancestry. The Aleite name is not particularly common, and is usually held by individuals residing in the Arezzo area of Italy, as well as by individuals with ties to the United States and Canada. It is also believed to be a common surname in South America, particularly in Ecuador and Argentina.

Other than the origins of the surname, very little information is known about its contemporary significance. Nevertheless, the Aleite family continues to be respected by those who carry the name, as they remain proud of their Italian heritage.

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Aleite: Where does the name Aleite come from?

The last name Aleite is usually seen in Latin American countries, particularly in Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. It is a relatively uncommon last name, although still found significantly in those countries.

In Mexico, the Aleite name originates in the state of Guerrero, more specifically in the town of Atoyaquillo. It is believed to come from the Yutze tribe, which is thought to have migrated from Asia many centuries ago. Aleite is also quite common in Mexicali, a city located in north-central Baja California.

In Ecuador, the Aleite surname is especially prominent in the province of Tungurahua, particularly in the villages of Montúfar and Pelileo. Its origin in Ecuador is somewhat of a mystery, although it is believed to have come from neighboring Peru.

Aleite is most rampant in Peru. It is widely distributed throughout the country, from the Junín and Cajamarca regions in the northern part of the country to Lima in the south. It is also prominent in the regions of Puno and Cusco.

As stated before, Aleite is generally seen more in Latin American countries. It is an uncommon last name, but still found in various places in Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru.

Variations of the surname Aleite

The surname Aleite is believed to have Germanic, Spanish and Portuguese origins. It originated from the Latin word “alite,” which means “of noble birth.” The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Aleite include Alite, Oliat, Oliate, Oliates, Oloiart, Olliwr, Ololiart, Olilate, Aleit and Aleite.

Aleite is an uncommon surname, but variants of it are found in some locations. The spelling of the surname is seen in some Germanic areas, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Germany. In Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, the spelling variations of Aleite are found.

In the United States, where Aleite is an uncommon surname, Aleite may be seen spelt as Olite, Olati, Ollett, Olliart, Oliart, Olites, and Oliates. Other variations of this surname are found in Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Even though the spelling of the surname is similar, surname variants such as Olites, Olos and Oleite are found in some locations. Aleite is also a variant of other surnames, including Allard, Alliott, Alliot, Ayliott, Aylot, Ailliot, Elliott, Ellery, Alliart, Allet, Lelièvre, Loeillot, and Aleix.

The Aleite surname is a rare and uncommon surname, however its spelling variations can be found across many European and Latin American countries. It is a popular surname among people of Spanish, Portuguese, and Germanic descent.

Famous people with the name Aleite

  • Benjamin Aleite, a Cuban actor and television presenter
  • Guillermo Aleite, a Spanish soccer player
  • Antonio Aleite, a Portuguese professor
  • Teresa Aleite, a Venezuelan Minister of Tourism
  • Ruben Aleite, a Colombian singer and songwriter
  • David Aleite, a Mexican soccer player
  • Jose Alberto Aleite, a Chilean politician
  • Demetrio Aleite, an Argentinean footballer
  • Andrea Aleite, an American actress and singer
  • Christian Aleite, a German climber and mountain guide

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