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Surname Aleksandrow - Meaning and Origin

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Aleksandrow: What does the surname Aleksandrow mean?

The surname Aleksandrow is a Slavic name derived from the given name Alexander. It originates from the Greek name "Alexandros" meaning "defending or protector of men". It was probably first adopted by a Slavic family in the Middle Ages or earlier to honor Alexander the Great, the famous military leader and king of Macedonia in the 4th century BC.

In Russian, Aleksandrow means "son of Alexander", with the suffix -row, while the female variant of the same name is Aleksandra or Aleksandrovna. The origins of Aleksandrow date back to pre-Christian times, when Russia was a pagan country and Europeans had no conventions for last names. In the 9th century, when Christianity spread into the country, Russians began to adopt last names in order to distinguish themselves from their neighbors.

Aleksandrow was then adopted as a patronymic later on in history. Aleksandrow is still commonly used throughout Eastern Europe and the Byzantine Empire, and is also coming in vogue in the Western world due to the influence of Russian literature and cinema. As a result, the name is increasingly being used as a first name or middle name too.

Aleksandrow is a name said to imbue its possessor with strength and ambition and to bring to mind courage, power and resolution. As such, it adorns many important figures in history, and is the choice last name of notable celebrities such as Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, Russian-American biochemist Michael Aleksandrow and prominent New York surgeon, Vadim Aleksandrow.

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Aleksandrow: Where does the name Aleksandrow come from?

The last name Aleksandrow is common today mainly in central and Eastern European countries such as Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. As the name suggests, it is likely derived from the name Alexander, which is a widespread Christian name in the region. It is a patronymic, meaning it is derived from the father's given name, often with an additional ending.

In Poland, it is the 111th most common family name (or the 54th in the provinces of Małopolskie and Śląskie), while in Ukraine it is 32th most common. In Russia, it is the 917th most common name, and in Belarus it is even more rare at 1226th.

As a less common name, Aleksandrow may have several alternative spellings based on local language variations. In Belarus and one of its regions, Vitsebsk Voblast, it is written as Alaksandrovich, while in Russia, it can be spelled Aleksandrov. The spelling may also vary depending on the gender of the name's owner, as it often does in Eastern Europe. For example, in Poland it is written Aleksandrowicz for males and Aleksandrowiczowa for females.

No matter the spelling, Aleksandrow is still a common name in many central and Eastern European countries today, and its spelling can help trace its local specificity.

Variations of the surname Aleksandrow

Aleksandrow is a surname of Slavic origin. It is a patronymic name derived from the male given name Aleksander, which is a form of Alexander, meaning “defender of men” in Greek. It is often spelled as Aleksandroff or Aleksandrovitch. Other variants include Aleksandr, Aleksandrov, Aleksandrenko, Aleksandrovski, and Aleksandron.

The surname Aleksandrow is most common in Russian-speaking countries such as Estonia, Latvia, and Russia. It is also found throughout Eastern European countries such as Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine. Outside of Europe, the surname can be found in countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the United States.

The surname Aleksandrow can also be found in other spellings, such as Aleksandrowicz, Aleksandrowicz, Aleksandrovicz, and Aleksandru. In many cases, the “-owicz” ending denotes Jewish ancestry.

Other surnames of the same origin include Aleksy, Aleksandrov, Alexandrov, Aleksic, Aleksenko, and Alexyev. These surnames are typically derived from variations of the specific given name, such as Aleksander or Aleksandra.

The spelling and pronunciation of surnames of Slavic origin can vary depending on the region they were born in. A notable example is the spelling of Aleksandrow, where the ending “-ow” can be either pronounced as “off” or as “ov,” depending on the dialect. Other surnames in the same origin may also vary in their spelling.

Famous people with the name Aleksandrow

  • Maciej Aleksandrow: Polish male swimmer
  • Alexandros Aleksandrow: Greek athletics hammer thrower
  • Louis Aleksandrow: British wildlife photographer
  • Yevgeny Aleksandrow: Russian footballer
  • Dorothy Aleksandrow: American actress
  • Jacek Aleksandrow: Polish writer
  • Yulia Aleksandrow: Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast
  • Robert Aleksandrow: Russian ice hockey player
  • Stoyan Aleksandrow: Bulgarian weightlifter
  • Wladyslaw Aleksandrow: Polish footballer
  • Janusz Aleksandrow: Polish painter
  • Mihail Aleksandrow: Bulgarian historian
  • Agata Aleksandrow: Polish ice dancer
  • Julia Aleksandrow: Polish musical composer
  • Jakub Aleksandrow: Polish speed skater.

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