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Surname Aleksejew - Meaning and Origin

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Aleksejew: What does the surname Aleksejew mean?

The last name Aleksejew is of Russian origin and is the masculine form of the feminine name Alexis. It is derived from the Hebrew name Alexa, which means "helper of mankind". The name was commonly used to refer to a protector or defender.

The Aleksejew family crest is said to originate from the royal Russian family of the same name, which was honored with a golden knight mounted on a horse. The knight is a symbol of protection, courage, and strength, and the horse represents power and swiftness.

Aleksejew is still a relatively common surname in Russia and other eastern European countries. It is also occasionally found in North America. In eastern Europe, it is associated with nobility, beauty, and wisdom. It is seen as a symbol of honor and respect and is often used to bestow authority.

The meaning of the name Aleksejew has evolved over centuries. It is now seen by many as a meaningful expression of hospitality, resilience, and honor. Its bearer is believed to have the courage to stand up for the good of everyone and overcome great difficulties. To some, it has also become a sign of faith, hope, and loyalty.

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Aleksejew: Where does the name Aleksejew come from?

The last name Aleksejew is a very common last name throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. It is also found in other countries and cultures within the region.

In Russia, the surname Aleksejew is the eighteenth most common last name among the 130 million people of the country. It is also among the top 10 Bengal surnames in India.

In Georgia and Chechnya, the surname Aleksejew is also quite common. In Chechnya, it is in the top 5 of the most common last names. In the country of Belarus, it is the thirteenth most common last name on the list of most common Belarusian surnames. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the surname is also found fairly commonly.

In countries who have a high population of Russian immigrants, such as the United States and Canada, the last name Aleksejew can be found among those populations. According to, this surname is most popular in the United States in the states of New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Washington, and Rhode Island. In Canada, it is most popular in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

Overall, the last name Aleksejew is widespread across Eastern Europe and throughout Russian, Chechen, Georgian, Slovakian, Belarusian, Czech, Indian populations, as well as among those countries’ diasporas.

Variations of the surname Aleksejew

The surname Aleksejew is derived from the given name Aleksei, which is the Russian version of the Greek name Alexios. The spelling of the surname can be variable due to differences in language and region. The most common variations of Aleksejew include Alekseev, Alekseyev, Aleksiejew, Aleksyev, Aleksijev, Aleksyev, Aleksejev, Aleksijev, Aleksyevich, Alekseyevich and Alekseevich.

The same basic surname can also be transliterated into other languages in various ways, such as Aleksijevic in Serbian, Alekszeevich in Belarusian, Alekszsejev in Hungarian, Alekszejev in Romanian, and Alekszevyev in Ukrainian.

Surnames of the same origin include abbreviated forms, such as Alekseev, Aleksej, Aleksij, and Aleksy, as well as patronymic derived surnames, such as Alekseevich, Alekseyevich, and Alekseyvich.

Additionally, surnames which are derivatives of the same root include Aleksev, Aleksin, Aleksandrov, Alexandrov, Alekseyev, Aleksandrovich, Aleksandritov, and Aleksovsky.

In some cases, the ‘w’ at the end of the surname can be dropped altogether, making for further variations such as Alekseev, Alekseyev, and Aleksyev.

Overall, the surname Aleksejew is a patronymic derived surname, meaning that its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin all come from the same source.

Famous people with the name Aleksejew

  • Artem Aleksejew: a Russian athlete who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling.
  • Timofey Aleksejew: a Russian tennis player who reached a career high ranking of world no. 195 in singles in 2015.
  • Natalia Aleksejewa: a Russian theater actress known for starring in the performance of the play “The Three Sisters”.
  • Konstantin Aleksejew: a Russian ballet dancer who graduated from the State ballet school of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography.
  • Nikolai Aleksejew: a Russian astronomer who discovered the comet 135P/ Aleksejew-Berger in 1935.
  • Viktor Aleksejew: a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union for his actions in the early part of World War II.
  • Andrei Aleksejew: a Russian painter and the author of the painting “The Triptych” which has been in the Tretyakov Gallery since 1942.
  • Victor Aleksejew: a Russian cinematographer and television director who created the documentary “The Storm of the Century”.
  • Andrej Aleksejew: a Soviet Air Force pilot and the commander of the 84th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment who was awarded the title “Hero of the Soviet Union” twice.
  • Eugenia Aleksejewa: a Russian pediatric surgeon and the author of the monograph “Pediatric Surgery” and two books on various topics related to pediatric surgery.

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