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Surname Aleman - Meaning and Origin

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I. Aleman

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Aleman: What does the surname Aleman mean?

The last name Aleman is of Spanish origin. The name is derived from the Latin word “alemannus” which means German. It was originally used to identify people of either German origin or of Germanic descent living in Spain. In some cases, it could also refer to someone who was a resident of campus Alemannus, or a territory of medieval Germany.

Aleman was common in Spanish-speaking countries and is quite popular in Mexico. The variations of this surname are also popular in Spain, Central and South America, and the Philippines. Today, many still use the Aleman spelling but it can also be written as Alleman, Alemán, Alemann, Allman, and others.

The Aleman family is dispersed throughout the world and in some countries, the name is more widely used than others. Generally, the people that use this surname tend to have strong cultural ties to all parts of the world. People with this surname have good entrepreneurial skills and often take on various roles in business.

In terms of its meaning, Aleman evokes images of tradition, loyalty, and generosity. People with the surname are also renowned for their resilience, perseverance, and ambition. As a whole, Aleman is a proud and noble last name that is rooted in Spanish and German origins.

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Aleman: Where does the name Aleman come from?

The last name Aleman is most commonly found in Spanish-speaking countries and regions, such as Latin America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe. This surname can be found especially among people with direct Spanish or Latin American ancestry, as the name is derived from the Latin word 'alemannus', meaning 'German'. The name can also be found among people of French and Belgian origins, as those countries are historically linked to the medieval Alemanni tribe, a Germanic people whose name essentially translates to "all men".

In the United States, the name is especially common in states with large Spanish-speaking populations, such as Texas, Florida, California, and New Mexico. It is also more common in certain communities with a large Hispanic population, such as those in the US-Mexico border region. Other areas of the US with a significant proportion of people of Spanish background, such as South Florida, New York City, and certain parts of California, may also have a higher than normal number of people with this last name.

Moreover, there are countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru, which also have a large proportion of people with the Aleman surname. In coastal areas, the name may also be found among people with Portuguese ancestry, as some of the Portuguese surnames derive from Germanic roots.

In short, the last name Aleman is most commonly found among people of Spanish, Latin American, Portuguese, French, Belgian, and German origins.

Variations of the surname Aleman

The Aleman surname is of Germanic and Hispanic origin. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for this surname are listed below:


Alemann, Aleman, Alman, Alemman, Elleman, Ellman, Ellerman, Allman, Allmanns, Allemann, Alleman, Aelmann, Oelmann


Alemán, Alemaño, Alemán Bermúdez, Alemann, Almanza, Alamán, Alamilla, Almonte, Almanzar, Almanza, Alminana, Almonacid, Almonte, Almozara, Alamilla, Elmanzar, Elmon, Elmanza, Elmanzaqui.

The Aleman surname is a combination of an Aboriginal and Spanish origin, most likely referring to a family that had Jewish-Arabic or Hebrew-Portuguese ancestry or a mixture of both. The root of the name likely comes from the old Spanish term alaedo, meaning "education". It is also possible that the Aleman surname is derived from the middle German word eleman, meaning "warrior", or from the Germanic term halman, meaning "valor".

Variations in other languages include German: Aleman, Alman, Amman,; French: Almonte, Alaiman; Italian: Alemanno; Portuguese: Almeida.

In terms of spelling variations, the Aleman surname can also be spelled as Alman, Aelmann, Alemann, Allman, Leeman, Alemano, Almazan, Elmezano, Alemán, etc.

Famous people with the name Aleman

  • Álvaro Alemán — Colombian politician and lawyer
  • José Antonio Alemán — Dominican baseball player
  • Dámaso Alemán — Mexican journeyman baseball player
  • Francisco Alemán — Spanish violinist of the 20th century
  • Soledad Alemán — Venezuelan actress
  • Joaquín Totus Alemán — Dominican baseball player
  • Marina Alemán — Argentine singer, songwriter, and model
  • Eduardo Lalo Alemán — Venezuelan politician and journalist
  • Virginia Alemán — Argentine actress
  • Alfredo Alemán-Brewer — Venezuelan conductor, composer, and orchestra leader

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