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Surname Alering - Meaning and Origin

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Alering: What does the surname Alering mean?

The last name Alering is believed to have several origins, some of which are German and Dutch. In Germany, the name is believed to have first appeared in Silesia and may have been derived from the Old German word “alre”, which means “all” or “everyone”. Alternatively, the name is believed to be of Dutch origin, where it may have been derived from the name “Alreink”, which is a contraction of two Dutch words “al” (all/everyone) and “reink” (family). The name may also have originated from the Old High German word “aler”, which means “alderman” or “nobleman”.

Regardless of the origin, the name Alering generally carries the meaning of “everyone’s family” or “all of the family”. Historically, it could have been used to refer to a family with a high-ranking status or an extended, interconnected family. Today, individuals with this surname may feel a sense of pride in their family or a connection to their ancestors. It could also be a reminder of their personal strength and resilience, conveying the idea that if their ancestors could thrive despite hardships, they too can go through life’s challenges.

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Alering: Where does the name Alering come from?

The last name Alering is most commonly found today in North America, especially in the US. Nearly 0.001% of the population carries the name Alering, with the majority of individuals located in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. North Dakota also has a sizable population of Alering's, making up over 0.05% 0f it's total population.

The name is most likely derived from the Germanic given name Alaric, meaning "king of all". It is also believed that the name may have derived from the Danish name Alering which means "hawk ring".

The earliest recorded record of the name Alering dates back to 922 A.D. in the area of Bavaria, Germany. During this time a nobleman with the name of Alaring von Passau, was victorious in a sporting tournament and was later honored for his bravery with lands across the region.

Today, the name Alering is still used as a first name and as a surname. There are a number of people who spell the name differently, such as Allering, Aullering, Alrering, and Awling. Generally speaking, the name is most commonly associated with German and Scandinavian ancestry, but it is commonly found among other European nationalities as well.

Variations of the surname Alering

The surname Alering is of German origin and can trace its roots to the Middle Ages. In its earliest form it was spelled Alering, but variants of the name have since developed in different geographical regions. These variants include: Aeling, Aehling, Ekling, Ekleing, Eeling, Elling, and Aehleing.

In some older versions of German, such as Low German, the spelling of Alering is also found as Aelling, Aeling, and Ehling. In other variants, the double letter “e” has been replaced with a single “e”, i.e. Aling, Eling.

In terms of surnames, variations of Alering are found in records as early as the mid-1400s. These include Alering, Ehling, Ekling, Aeling, Aehling, Aeheling, Ekleing, Eeling, Elling, and Aehlein.

In the 17th century, many variations of the surname are also documented across Europe, including Alaring, Alaringh, Aeling, Aeeling, Ealingh, Aelingh, Aehlingh, Aehling, Eehling, Eehlingh, Eklingh, Ekleingh, Elingh, Eelting, and Eltling.

To this day, Alering still exists as an enduring surname in parts of Europe and North America. It can be found with its original spelling, and continues to manifest different variants across different regions according to local and regional language dialects.

Famous people with the name Alering

  • Simon Alering: Dutch artist, designer, and illustrator, primarily known for his comics and editorial illustrations.
  • Max Alering: German racing driver, the first German behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.
  • Ilja A. Alering: Dutch theologian and professor of Seventh-day Adventist studies.
  • Leendert Alering: Dutch politician, serving as a Member of the House of Representatives in the Dutch Parliament.
  • Viktor Alering: Estonian economist and professor at the University of Tartu.
  • Simon Alering: Dutch public servant who served as the Secretary General of the European Commission from 1969 to 1972.
  • Hans Alering: Swedish actor, mostly known for his roles in movies, TV-series, and stage productions and as the voice of the Swedish dubs of the animated films by Walt Disney Pictures.
  • Prince Diederick Oldenburg Alering: Danish prince and second son of Prince Christian and Princess Elisabeth of Denmark.
  • Christiaan Alering: Dutch amateur astronomer and amateur telescope maker.
  • Anni Alering: Danish singer and actress, best known for her work with the B-52's in the 1980s.

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