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Surname Allagood - Meaning and Origin

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Allagood: What does the surname Allagood mean?

The surname Allagood is of Scottish origin and believed to have derived from the personal name "Allo". This surname is thought to be a variation of the surname of Alan or Elan, which is of a Gaelic origin derived from the name of a Breton saint.

The surname Allagood is derived from the Scot-Gaelic phrase "Ala-Ghoed", which literally translates to “the good foreigner” or “the well-behaved vassal”. It is believed that the surname initially emerged as a nickname, given to a person who was a good-natured visitor or a well-liked servant or farmer in Scotland.

The surname Allagood is quite common throughout Scotland. The records show that it is also quite old, with the earliest recorded instance of the surname being in 1301, when Robert Alloche was mentioned in the Ragman Rolls.

The surname Allagood is a symbol of loyalty, strength, and goodness. It is a reminder of the long history of Scotland and the importance of camaraderie and respect between people. The name is also associated with hardworking individuals who take pride in their work and their heritage.

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Allagood: Where does the name Allagood come from?

The Allagood surname is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the Southern states. It is especially prevalent in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia, though records indicate that it originated in North Carolina. It is estimated that several thousands of individuals bearing the Allagood name still live in the US today.

There is relatively little information available on the history of the surname, though some believe it to have started in England. The name has appeared in US records since at least the late 17th century, when a John Allagood was documented in 1690 in Virginia. He likely immigrated from England or Scotland. Over the centuries, the name has spread across the US.

Allagoods are especially common in Christian and Methodist congregations across the country; the name has long been associated with the church. Today, you can find Allagoods in communities all across the US, with particularly large numbers in the South. The Allagood surname is likely to continue to spread in coming years, as individuals with the name continue to move and migrate to different areas.

Variations of the surname Allagood

The surname Allagood is a slang term with many variations of spellings and surnames associated with it.

The most common spellings include Allgood, Allagoode, Allgoode, Allagude, Allagud, Allagode, Allagade, Algode, and Allgoude.

Variations of this surname include Galgood, Allogood, Allagudde, Allgud, Allgudde, Allogoode, Elgood, Elogood, Allagudy, and Alligood.

Surnames derived from Allagood include Algood, Alguod, Allguod, Allaguty, Alliquid, and Aligood. They come from various countries and cultures, including Irish, British, Scottish, and Native American.

Allagood is derived from a Scottish phrase, "all good," that is often used to wish well for someone. The surname is thought to have originated in the late nineteenth century, when some Scottish immigrants applied the phrase to their surnames.

It is speculated that the surname Allagood originated from middle-class families, as the spelling of the first three letters of the name "All" is indicative of a "genteel" state of being.

Though Allagood might not be a well-known surname, it is still recognizable and has numerous variants and spellings in existence. Whether attempting to trace family roots or merely curious about the origin of this surname, many online genealogy resources offer assistance in uncovering Allagood's important past.

Famous people with the name Allagood

  • Taylor Allagood: American entrepreneur and executive in the entertainment industry.
  • Joan Allagood: American actress, best known for playing the lead role in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Bradley Allagood: American mixed martial artist who is best known as a contestant on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter.
  • Bryan Allagood: Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  • George Allagood: Member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from 1978 to 1982.
  • Andrew Allagood: Former executive director of the Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Emergency Management Agency and the current Republican State Committeeman of Alabama.
  • Payne Allagood: member of the Florida House of Representatives from 2002 to 2006.
  • Ben Allagood: former American football coach who served as the head football coach at John Casimir University (now Lockhaven University) in Lockhaven, Pennsylvania.
  • David Allagood: American curler.
  • David Dean Allagood: American artist who is most known for Art Deco style work in the Washington, DC area.

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