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Surname Allardice - Meaning and Origin

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Allardice: What does the surname Allardice mean?

The last name Allardice is thought to have originated in the Scottish/English border area in the late 13th century. It has been suggested that the name is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic term "Ailean mac Dhughaill," meaning "son of Dougal." The name would have eventually become Anglicised to Allardice over the centuries.

The earliest record of the Allardice surname is Alexander Allardice, who appeared in the tax records for Scotland in 1203. The Allardice coat of arms appears to have originated from Scotland and is composed of a blue chevron over a white background with three silver stars. This coat of arms is still used by many Allardice families today and is often included on family rings.

The Allardice family has played a significant role in the history of Scotland. Over the centuries, there have been numerous written records documenting the lives and achievements of the Allardice clan, including the famous 16th century Scottish writer, George Allardice.

Several Allardice family members have served in the British Armed Forces throughout history, and they have been part of numerous campaigns and battles. Furthermore, many Allardices have held prominent roles in the professions, industry, academia, and politics in Scotland.

In summation, the last name Allardice has a long and esteemed history in Scotland, and its bearer can take pride in a legacy of achievement and distinction.

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Allardice: Where does the name Allardice come from?

The last name Allardice is of Scottish origin and is most commonly found in Scotland today.

It is also found in England, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Allardice is a rare name, with records indicating that the name was most common in Scotland in the 1890s.

The main concentration of Allardice families in Scotland today is in the Dundee area. The surname can mainly be found in the city and in Dundee's surrounding areas in Angus and Fife.

Allardice is also concentrated in the North East of Scotland, primarily the area of Aberdeenshire. The name is particularly prevalent in the towns of Stonehaven, Huntley, Alford, Aboyne, and Ballater.

In the U.S., the Allardice family can be found in states such as Illinois, Texas, Florida, and California. It is also present in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta in Canada.

Allardice is also common in countries such as Ireland, Germany, France, and South Africa. In Australia and New Zealand, the surname is not as frequent as in the European nations, but can still be found.

Despite where Allardice families may be living today, the surname will continue to represent members of an old Scottish family. People with this last name continue to carry on the proud heritage and traditions of the Allardice clan.

Variations of the surname Allardice

The surname Allardice is of French origin; its variants, spellings, and alternate surnames might include:

Allardise, Allards, Allardys, Allardches, Allardyers, Allardses, Allardyce, Allerdyce, Aldersice, Aldrice, Allardson, Allerdykes, Allerdyse, Allardson, Aldredge, Aldrich, Aldridge, Aldryge.

Allardice is derived from the personal name Alard or Aldred. The surname itself is an Anglicized version of the name Hal(l)ard. In the 13th century, records of the name spellings include Adam Halard, and John Halard, showing from what the surname derived.

The surname first emerged in the 13th century in England. From the 6th century on, the name was found in place names and personal names, and is thought to derive from an Anglo-Saxon male title, hala or 'man of war'. Similarly, the personal name 'Aldred' was the name of two Anglo-Saxon kings.

Throughout Europe, the variations of Allardice were quickly developed - from the French "Alard" name - and associated with the medieval kingdom of France. The German spelling of "Allardice" is "Allardice," and in other Germanic countries it is "Allerdyces" and "Allerdykes".

In Scotland, Allardice is sometimes spelled "Aldrice" or even "Aldryge". In some family names in England, the surname has been adapted to "Aldrich," "Aldridge," or "Aldredge."

Famous people with the name Allardice

  • Jennifer Allardice: an American former stage and television actress.
  • Alan Allardice: a former professional football goalkeeper who played for Hamilton Academical in the Scottish Premier League.
  • Hayley Allardice: a former Team GB athlete who competed in the 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea.
  • John Allardice: a former Australian rules footballer who played for St Kilda Football Club in the Victorian Football League.
  • Lisa Allardice: a British magazine editor and journalist who edited Grazia magazine from 2012 to 2015.
  • Mark Allardice: an Australian former soccer player who played for Adelaide City FC in the National Soccer League.
  • Tom Allardice: an English former professional cricketer who played for Worcestershire in the County Championship.
  • Jesse Allardice: an American rapper and hip-hop artist who has released albums and EPs under the alias Wally Breeze.
  • Steve Allardice: an American producer, composer and songwriter best known for producing Peter Frampton's Grammy-winning record, I'm in You.
  • Georgina Allardice: an Irish singer-songwriter who has released several albums and EPs.

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