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Surname Alldredge - Meaning and Origin

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Alldredge: What does the surname Alldredge mean?

The surname Alldredge is of English origin, derived from the personal name "Aldrich" which itself has Old English roots. The name "Aldrich" is made up of two elements: "eald", which means "old", and "ric", which means "ruler, king". Therefore, Alldredge can be loosely interpreted to mean "old ruler" or "old king". The spelling variations, such as Aldridge or Eldridge, arise from phonetic transcription of the name over centuries and possible regional dialect influences. Like many surnames, Alldredge may have originally been adopted to denote the residence (a place or estate named Aldrich, for instance) or profession of a family or adopted as a patronymic name from an ancestor named Aldrich. This surname is not very common and it is predominantly found in the United States, suggesting that it may belong to families with a long history of settlement in the U.S. It is important to remember that surnames have evolved over centuries and may carry different meanings or significance depending on cultural, regional, and family contexts.

Alldredge: Where does the name Alldredge come from?

The surname Alldredge is of English origin. It is a variant of Aldridge, derived from a place name, as it was customary to acquire surnames from the names of places in medieval times. The illustrated surname was first found in Staffordshire at Aldridge, which is a town within the metropolitan borough of Walsall. It is believed to mean "Alder-tree ridge" from Old English "alor" and "hrycg."

Today, the surname Alldredge is relatively rare worldwide. It is more prevalent in the United States, although it is still not very common. According to Forebears, it is most common in the United States as per the surname distribution data, ranking 8,206 out of 88,799. It is particularly concentrated in the southern states, specifically in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Other countries where the surname has been found include Australia, England, and Canada, but in much lower frequencies.

Variations of the surname Alldredge

The surname Alldredge has a few possible variations and alternative spellings related to its origin. These can include Aldridge, Aldredge, Eldridge, Eldredge, Auldrich, Oldridge, and Allred. Some of these variations are a result of the way the name has been phonetically recorded over centuries, or may be the result of regional differences in pronunciation and spelling.

The origin of the name itself is believed to be Anglo-Saxon, potentially derived from the Old English personal name "Ealdraed," signifying ancient counsel or wisdom. Therefore, names that stem from this original reference could also be considered as variants. The inclusion of 'idge' or 'edge' in many of the variants also suggests a topographical origin, likely referring to someone living by a ridge or an edge.

Surnames of the same origin would include those that are based on Old English personal names or topographical features. However, it is important to note that similar surnames may not necessarily share the same lineage or hereditary chain as the Alldredge family.

Famous people with the name Alldredge

  • Bruce Alldredge: award-winning American math educator, author, and speaker
  • Daniel Alldredge: former professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association
  • John Alldredge: former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Harold Alldredge: former Major League Baseball player who played for the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies
  • Donald Alldredge: American professional drummer, best known for his work with artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Toto
  • Adam Alldredge: American professional golfer who has competed on the PGA Tour, Tour and Korn Ferry Tour
  • Roger Alldredge: former professional football player who played for the Calgary Stampeders and Montreal Alouettes
  • William R. Alldredge: American air force and aviator general who served in World War II and the Vietnam War
  • Robert Alldredge: American opera singer and professor of music who works as art director of the Santa Barbara Symphony
  • Harry Alldredge: former Major League Baseball player who played for the St. Louis Browns, Cincinnati Reds, and Boston Braves

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